Hilarious! (not laughing) Ghislaine Maxwell, whom ABUSED CHILDREN, was a Philanthropist!

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August 13, 2019
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August 15, 2019
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Hilarious! (not laughing) Ghislaine Maxwell, whom ABUSED CHILDREN, was a Philanthropist!

No lie….this woman whom lived off $100,000 dollar trust fund in New York City, from her Dad whom was rumoured to be a FRAUD, had a foundation to SAVE THE WORLD’S OCEANS. That $100,000 didn’t go very far in NYC, so she began selling kids! This women, in the bikini that pimped out young, less fortunate, children (remember she said these kids were trash, she could use and abuse without a conscience)…..wanted the world to think she was a DO-GOODER. My goodness……she was saving the oceans as she put on a strap – on and molested a CHILD for her EVIL counterpart, Jeffrey Epstein.


Take for instance John Paul DeJoria and eloise. They talk constantly about their philanthropy. (Bottom totem pole on Forbes list of philanthropists!!) Shhhhh… they don’t mention their FRAUDS. The Dejoria’s will just legally abuse and appeal til they are blue in the face, AND WIN. It’s a simple equation…we will give 2 cents away when our FRAUDS have brought us millions. And we look like DO-GOODERS for the WORLD TO SEE. Post those pictures on Instagram eloise babe…….we can buy a train!!! Show the WORLD WE WERE IN WITH GEORGE BUSH Sr. Don’t forget about the Governor!! Post his picture too. And do not forget about Robert Kennedy, because just like Ghislaine Maxwell, we are saving the oceans, the waterways, and ALL THE STARVING CHILDREN IN AFRICA! We EVEN MINE OUR DIAMONDS AT DEJORIA’S DIAMONDS ethically…. (it does not exist) Renew logic, Latitude Solutions, OMG! And the list goes on and on and on. The DeJoria’s say they contribute to an ABUSE Philanthropy called SAFE…..yet they and their criminal affiliates have done the abusing, terrorizing, threatening, legal abusing, and intimidating multiple women.

Once upon a time when I was married to my ex abusive husband, fraud, and con Richard Zona Jr……I guess you could consider us PHILANTHROPISTS. That is….. until he was going to the pedophile moving priest’s rectory, Monsignor Urell, too many nights out of the week. I discovered Monsignor Urell’s FAKE EVIL FACE…..too late! I regret putting in so much time, raising money, for the Catholic Church when they have not held enough of their pedophiles and enablers accountable.

What a pity for our oceans that Ghislaine Maxwell and the DeJoria’s want to save them.

IT IS A PATTERN. PLAY CLOSE ATTENTION. THE WORLD IS CHANGING TO THE REAL….EVERY SINGLE DAY……:) Can you believe this GROSS/EVIL WOMAN was permitted to speak to our government…..that’s right, in WASHINGTON D.C!


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