Just Another Tuesday of Harassment by John Paul DeJoria’s Flying Monkeys. (GANG)

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August 6, 2019
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August 8, 2019
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Just Another Tuesday of Harassment by John Paul DeJoria’s Flying Monkeys. (GANG)

The GANG of John Paul DeJoria was out after me today. The asinine harassment began early this morning but had NO EFFECT on my day. That is outside the disbelief, yet again, of how TRUE EVIL works. As if John Paul DeJoria or Richard Zona Jr. give two shits about the low level humans they send in after me for telling the TRUTH. Trust me they do not care…..they are EVIL. The WHOLE GANG WAS ACTIVE IN SOME FORM OR FASHION TODAY.

I was reading on PACER the current case of the U.S. Government against Scott Woolley, John Paul DeJoria’s partner in crime for many many years. (Five Star Entertainment, Alexa DeJoria Racing, Aubio HERPES GEL, John Paul Pet, and more). Scott Woolley has been arrested and another former flying monkey of John Paul DeJoria’s sits in prison. I HOPE THEY ARE TALKING!! BOTH OF THEM SHOULD BE TALKING…..cause I can promise them the DeJoria’s do not care about them this summer or ever.

The DeJoria’s haven’t missed a beat as three flying monkeys are incarcerated or dealing with VERY SERIOUS law/criminal issues. And do you know why? Because they did things for JOHN PAUL DEJORIA and my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. I hope for more arrests of the criminal GANG and the enablers of these two horrid men. Let’s REALLY make the world a BETTER PLACE FOR ALL!!!

I did kind of wonder if Tiffany Woolley, (Scott Woolley’s wife) wore her designer heels into court to testify? Or how she really feels about her husband committing FRAUD so she could purchase those shoes? Or if she is more worried about not being in the Society pages in Palm Beach anymore, or worried about her children and family? I hope her children, of course, because dealing with John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. will bring you as close to HELL on EARTH as you can go. Who knows, maybe she didn’t even know like me? It is possible as my life can attest to that. I do not wish the destruction of anyone’s family, like mine, at the hands of Richard Zona Jr. or John Paul DeJoria. BUT NOW I KNOW. And I can not look the other way.


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