Gaslighting and Emotional Abuse – Richard Zona Jr.

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July 26, 2019
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July 29, 2019
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Gaslighting and Emotional Abuse – Richard Zona Jr.

Gosh…thank you for all the emails of support:) I suffered TWENTY YEARS of gaslighting and emotional abuse by my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr. It is amazing just how much of the brain fog created by gaslighting disappears when you are away from the abuser. I explain it as light bulbs going off! Again I did not suffer physical abuse, which made it all harder for me to explain and even understand myself, but emotional, sexual, and financial abuse that was escalating. Truthfully the gaslighting was A CONSTANT with Richard Zona Jr. NONSTOP.

To diminish me and have power and control over me his gaslighting techniques were masterful. BUT NO MORE. After I left, and he began severe coercive control, to try to kill me without killing me, I could not believe how many of those that knew us came forward to say THEY KNEW.

It is a GASLIGHTING moment of awareness when someone validates the TRUTH of abuse. NO ONE can GASLIGHT Tracy Zona anymore! I see right through the mental manipulation and will not stand for it. I had twenty years of GASLIGHTING in my life and consider myself an expert.

Just in the past several weeks as I was being harassed and threatened by John Paul Dejoria’s and Richard Zona Jr.’s last resort, Michael Jones ROK 3D, his meager attempts at GASLIGHTING and EMOTIONAL ABUSE were memories of the abuse I left behind and survived. “I AM TITANIUM” and a TRUE SURVIVOR as his attempts went straight in the garbage pail where he and his abuse tactics belong. And lo and behold…I had another one from my past email me with their awareness of WHO RICHARD ZONA JR. IS, that never shared with me at the time their true thoughts on my past EVIL husband. After reading my blog….I again received more validation. Validation about what an abuse survivor has survived is AN ACT OF COMPASSION!

~ I personally always thought that Richie’s companies were all money laundering schemes. Flowers and water are easy to dispose of. Glad you have good people behind you and have become a sounding board for other abused women. Good for you. Stay in touch. 🙂 ~

IT’s the weekend! It is time for FUN! So much to come next week. DeJoria’s Diamond, Claire Williams, and more!

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