Thanks For The Shout Out! Corruption is Hard!!

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July 21, 2019
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July 23, 2019
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Thanks For The Shout Out! Corruption is Hard!!

Thank you for the shout out as the DeJoria corruption team is frightening. I know firsthand! And the blatency of little old eloise DeJoria posting pictures on Instagram while at the Governor’s mansion, while the appeal is PENDING, a judgement a jury found GUILTY OF FRAUD, is about as blatent as her Playboy p***y spread.

~Business Celebrity Billionaire John Paul DeJoria Visited Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Chat About a $21m Verdict against Latitude Solutions Inc., The Fifth Circuit Obliged.

According to the blogger at GirlOnFireCa, after a Jury returned a verdict for the Bankruptcy trustee, DeJoria took the time to visit Greg Abbott at the Governors’ mansion in Texas in between a pending appeal. Lo and behold, look what happened:

Fifth Circuit tosses bulk of $21M judgment for bankrupt DFW company accused of stiffing investors in a shady scheme run by convicted offenders of securities fraud, and a Celebrity investor/partner.
A three-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has tossed all but $400,000 of a $21 million judgment that found business celebrity billionaire John Paul DeJoria and three other defendants breached their fiduciary duty to the now-bankrupt Fort Worth-based company, Latitude Solutions Inc.~

Oh boy… they have another blogger to frighten, terrorize, and harass illegally and with legal abuse. Watch out! Or is it just me because I am a woman standing up to the worst characters on earth?


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