John Paul DeJoria and GANG – More Threats! Two Weekends In a Row!

I am Not Winning……But I See Hope!
July 18, 2019
Guilty As Charged? Richard Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, Michael Jones
July 20, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria and GANG – More Threats! Two Weekends In a Row!

I woke to a gorgeous beach day….and more threats from John Paul DeJoria’s GANG. Pretty awful stuff. This is no joke what I have had to deal with since 2017. They are devils, cruel, harassing, and terrorizing and they will not STOP. You have to WONDER why John Paul DeJoria refuses to apologize for the last terrorization of 2017……but NO this is HOW HE DOES IT. Harass, intimidate, and TERRORIZE.

“Anonymous, Why so Anonymous, And Tracy is that your twin sister Crazy. Must be. Again YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHUT DOWN. YOUR ACTIONS have affected my life and others.dramatically by your words. And you keep doing it. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE LAW. Nothing you say is TRUE about me and you will see what happens. STAY HOT. Because it is about to be a HOT ONE For you. THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN” – Michael Jones – ROK 3D

Again….NOTHING was written on my blog about Michael Jones ROK 3D until he came to my blog to harass, terrorize and demean me, like rotten men do. And then I caught him doing “HIS HOMEWORK ON ME” and the fact he is a JOHN PAUL DEJORIA GANG MEMBER, and NOW…..he is losing his mind. I need HELP!

WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND….Jonathan Kendrick/partner in threats?….Thanks for reading my blog!

~I guess you have to eat~ Michael Jones ROK3D

And YES, MY LIFE HAS BEEN DRAMATICALLY AFFECTED FOR OVER TWO YEARS BY JOHN PAUL DEJORIA’S GANG….The world is not all ABOUT THIS GANG. Try this SHIT for two years…..TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE POOR CHOICES THE GANG HAS MADE in their LIFE. Do not go after a woman they do not know…...and blame her for all the arrests…karma is a bitch….BILLIONS do not buy the REAL DEAL.

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