House of Cards…It’s Beginning to Fall

Culture Of Corruption – Tracy Zona Has Looked It In the Eye – Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria
July 10, 2019
Have a Joyous/Peaceful Weekend. Back with the Bears and Buffalo:)
July 12, 2019
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House of Cards…It’s Beginning to Fall

I write about domestic abuse, my blog is my diary. I write about corruption, it has come at me. I write about EVIL as I have had more than a dozen EVIL people after me for fourteen years. I write about FRAUD, as I have been defrauded. Pay attention to the news these days as the f***king EVIL house of cards is beginning to FALL. It is beginning to fall, I can feel it, can you? Ships in Philadelphia with massive amounts of drugs STOPPED. Ships SEIZED, that are not usually SEIZED. Sex traffickers with LOADS OF MOOLA, Jeffrey Epstein, PEDOPHILE, ARRESTED and locked up in jail. A THIRD John Paul DeJoria affiliate arrested just a few weeks ago…..Scott Woolley. The GOOD is defeating the EVIL some of which I have seen in last fourteen years. I have seen EVIL firsthand. The house of cards is beginning to fall and it is probably past time to seek redemption.

** And little Richard Zona Jr. domestic abuser, financially, sexually, and emotionally a monster, who visited a pedophile moving priest in the rectory many nights a week during our marriage, (Msgr. John Urell), has just put his cash bought house in Jupiter, Florida in a trust…… JUST SO HE CAN REMAIN EVIL. He is watching the house of cards begin to fall and he is EVIL so he enjoys it.

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