“Afraid for Her Life” – “I Don’t Care if You Live or Die.”- IN THE UNITED STATES TOO!

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July 2, 2019
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July 4, 2019
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“Afraid for Her Life” – “I Don’t Care if You Live or Die.”- IN THE UNITED STATES TOO!

I am happy to hear Princess Bint al- Hussein is receiving assistance in Germany. However, this is is not a happy story. I have no doubt Princess Haya will GO THROUGH HELL for, maybe, the REST OF HER LIFE. Her children will go through HELL too. Since I left Richard Zona Jr. fourteen years ago, I have been afraid for my life! (Probably more NOW THAN EVER BEFORE). I as well, have had to deal with Richard Zona Jr., the same kind of EVIL MAN, who did not care if I lived or died. I became no use to him when I said NO to daily sexual abuse. I was never seen as a human being but rather an object, to use. In fact he has done everything he could to kill me without killing me. The worst part is…..no one WILL STOP this man in Dubai…..and no one WILL STOP Richard Zona Jr. and his GANG/ John Paul DeJoria/affiliates that he is connected to.


~Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein, the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has fled the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) with her two children and is reportedly hiding in London, “afraid for her life.”

The sheikh, 69, a billionaire and owner of the Godolphin horse racing stables in Dubai, married Princess Haya in 2004 but the marriage has reportedly soured, as evidenced by a scathing poem the wrote and posted on Instagram on June 22. Alluding to infidelity, the poem, posted in Arabic and entitled “You Lived and You Died”

“Your days of lying are over and it doesn’t matter what we were and what you are. You no longer have any place with me. Go to who you have been busy with! I don’t care if you live or you die,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote.

Princess Haya was reportedly last seen in public on May 20, after which she fled the U.A.E. and sought asylum in Germany. According to reports by India Today, a German diplomat helped her and her children flee her husband, and German authorities have refused Sheikh Mohammed’s request to have his wife returned to Dubai, a move some have speculated could lead to diplomatic tensions between the two nations, but which the U.A.E. has denied.

Still, the domestic dispute between the royal couple may have widespread implications on international affairs of other countries as well, as Princess Haya is the half-sister of King Abdullah of Jordan, a nation that has 200,000 citizens working in the U.A.E., who pay remittances to bolster Jordan’s economy.~

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