Boozing Butt Boys for Billionaire Forbes (FRAUD) John Paul DeJoria – ROK GROUP

Michael Jone’s Aunt Works for the FBI – He Knows THEM Well! – ROK 3D
July 1, 2019
“Afraid for Her Life” – “I Don’t Care if You Live or Die.”- IN THE UNITED STATES TOO!
July 3, 2019
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Boozing Butt Boys for Billionaire Forbes (FRAUD) John Paul DeJoria – ROK GROUP

HOLY CANNOLI! Has my “homework” shed the light on John Paul DeJoria’s BUTT BOY B TEAM! Some of team A are incarcerated or on their way to prison! So take a good look at TEAM B which includes, the goes way back (with John Paul DeJoria) Jonathan Kendrick, and yes…..Michael Jones. (TOTAL ASSHOLE) Turns out that Michael Jones has been a BUTT BOY of John Paul DeJoria’s much longer than I ever thought. I am doing my “homework” and it may go as far back as DeJoria’s Diamonds?!! The nonexistent company. I am discovering some amazing STUFF on the B TEAM. I will keep you POSTED. In the meantime THEY ARE BOOZING IT UP ON EITHER JOHN PAUL DEJORIA’S MONEY…..or investor money? Better watch it boys..John Paul DeJoria is complaining on paid for t.v. he put in “MOST OF THE MONEY”. I am surprised being in Hollywood and so desperate to get “Darlings” (Credited to Michael Jones/ ROK 3d) that Michael Jones has not taken some of that BUTT BOY MONEY and FIXED HIS RECEDING HAIR LINE! Maybe he has and it’s just a poor job. THAT I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE! But nevertheless the glory days of being a BUTT BOY FOR JOHN PAUL DEJORIA will probably be winding down. It may be time to get a new GIG! And just this morning the GUY on the furthest right was doing his “HOMEWORK” on my Linkedin profile. Will he be the next FLYING MONKEY? In the meantime let’s check out THE BUTT BOY B TEAM BOOZING IT UP! THE “GANG” drinking that fast money away. When you sell your soul the BOOZE, eases the conscience!


  1. Manny King says:

    I know Mr. Michael Jones for long time from his other ventures and he is a first class act. I know the man has children and a family, so sad now you are affecting other lives because yours is so sad. How come you can’t help but instead hurt. There is no justification of what you actions are as I can tell you are a very sad person trying to hurt others. You need to refelect on yourself as a person and do good and join a local shelter to help woman in worse situations than yourself.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You have no clue as to what I do with my time. It is past time to go hard with TRUTH on abuse. Michael Jones came to my site… began disrespecting me and was not forthright on the fact he worked for John Paul DeJoria. Just like Jeffrey Epstein, as he hired others to terrorize his victims into silence, John Paul DeJoria and his affiliates have been after me for two years, terrorizing and harassing me. This is a very bad GANG/CRIMINAL organization and my life is at stake. As well they did it to another woman Carly Singer/Latitude Solution. You really should have more compassion for their victims….the good news is…THREE HAVE BEEN ARRESTED THUS FAR….you are whom you hang with….and they are EVIL.

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