Michael Jones – ROK 3D – Employed By Scoundrels…………

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June 28, 2019
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June 30, 2019
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Michael Jones – ROK 3D – Employed By Scoundrels…………

Oh….. “SHOCKED” Michael Jones, if ONLY he could see what is seen on my blog! Michael Jones, ROK 3D, is employed by none other than John Paul DeJoria and the the tubster, Jonathan Kendrick. As per my previous blog the two go way back creating companies that ” FAIL BY DESIGN ” or do not EXIST AT ALL. Michael Jones sent in a COMPLETELY BOGUS email this morning. And was then dumb enough to view my LINKEDIN profile. Just another man that works for the scoundrels/criminal affiliates trying to GET RICH QUICK even if FRAUD is involved. TWO are slated for prison, Michael Jones ROK 3D, …….who will be next?

*** Do your homework Dummy. Or are you just playing STUPID? Moroccan Oil Deal, DeJoria’s Diamonds, (where is the jeweler), Virtual Piggy (previously Oink and later REGO with mafia ties and unscrupulous partners, jailed in fact),
Latitude Solutions, Five Star Entertainment, Nordaq……. AND MORE.

You go….Michael Jones ROK 3D. Did your sister purchase a diamond from the DEVIL for herself??? Poor woman! LOL. LOL. LOL.

Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria are hiring at the bottom of the barrel, FO SURE! But then…….John Paul DeJoria does not want to pay minimum wage to employees. (He’s been sued)

HAVE A TERRIFIC WEEKEND EVERYONE! ANOTHER WEEKEND AWAY! I did not plan to write about Michael Jones today. I was going to write about DOMESTIC ABUSE…..but the flying monkeys are at it again! Even the PORT OF SPAIN was on my blog today. Hmmmmm…PORTS ON MY BLOG! A slew of PORTS AROUND THE WORLD have been on as of late.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Darling, I see your blog but because of your lack of education which is obviously shown through your grammatical and spelling errors, no one can understand what exactly you are saying. This is a request to stop using my photo and take it down immediately or I will pursue other ways to accomplish this request. You are wrong and worth my time. I will be heard. You need to shut down this blog or I will.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You emailed MY BLOG Michael Jones….thinking you are so smart, and I have a right to respond to your ill attempt to con the world with the unscrupulous characters you work for, probably for less than minimum wage. Knock yourself out….. and do not call me darling. Darling, is reserved for men that are educated enough to be respectful to a woman. You are whom you hang with, so get this grammatically, THAT MAKES YOU A PIECE OF SHIT.

      “You are wrong and worth my time.” is that what you meant to say with your stellar education? LOL. Threats is what your clan does. And now you posted one. I have a right to tell my true story and I have a 1st amendment right to free speech. You obviously did not do any follow up homework for what happened AFTER. Your pretty STUPID.

      You should have asked nicely, but, what else can I expect from someone that works for the devil and enjoys it. You came to MY BLOG, thought you could throw out some more DeJoria/Kendrick crock of shit and I responded to it. Are you afraid? You want your picture DOWN. If your all legal….be on the up and up Michael Jones. Show your face!!

  2. Michael Jones says:

    First off how can I have emailed you if I don’t have your email. There you go again making false assumptions. Yes you are wrong and worth my time because I will do everything I can to make sure you stop making false statements. I don’t make threats I make statements. You stole my photo, you make false statements, you hurt people by your comments and your first amendment rights are limited based on what you say. If it is not true then you can’t make that statements. Fact is fact you are targeting people with this blog and again I NEVER EMAILED YOU! Please take my photo down and stop your rude and negative comments that are false.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Unfortunately….my statements are true. Very true. I am targeting no one. I am allowing the TRUTH of what your gang does to be KNOWN. So it happens to no one else. You emailed my blog, not me personally. Numerous times. With threats. They have been forwarded, as after the other flying monkeys were JAILED, I take every precaution necessary to insure my safety. If you do not like what I have to say, backed up by facts, then GO AWAY. I POST EVERYTHING, even your comments, as I have no secrets and I have left my footprints. BTW the threats are not outweighed by the love, support, and respect I receive for standing up to the men you’ve obviously chosen to be like and work for.

  3. Michael Jones says:

    Question: Then what can be done so you can stop this non-sense. Please advise. Very curious

    • Tracy Zona says:

      It is not nonsense Michael Jones when people are victimized. It is a double assault to question their pain and how they should feel and/or belittle it. I have suffered tremendously, it has affected my WHOLE LIFE, as well as others. I can’t let those off the hook that have treated me and others so horribly without culpability. My ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr,. needs to make amends and so does your boss/John Paul DeJoria/affiliates. Many months back I requested a public apology from John Paul DeJoria. He refused to do that for ANY OF YOU. Too late now. John Paul DeJoria does not care about anyone. I truly believe that. My ex is hiding in Florida with all that is legally mine. I wish….as I have a wonderful life….that either one would do the right thing. But my ex has been at it fourteen years and John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates have been at it since 2017 with me. So I do not have much hope that either DEVIL is capable of doing the right thing. Like ALL victims, WE WANT JUSTICE SERVED.

      ***BTW after what I went through in 2017 – 2018 at the hands of John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates, I take VERY seriously ANY THREAT that comes my way by anyone affiliated with his “GANG.”

  4. Tracy Zona says:

    I told YOU NOT TO CONTACT ME. I must now go forward with the restraining order after I filed the police report. Proper procedure. As instructed. Your insults to a woman that doesn’t need it or deserve it are for the world to see!! My blog had nothing to do with you until you came to my site and insulted
    demeaned me, and then threatened me. As well, you threatened me all weekend and continued your attempt to degrade me. The “GANG” of John Paul DeJoria which includes you and your tactics are NOW exposed. DO NOT CONTACT ME IN ANYWAY. AND STOP THREATENING ME!

    P.S. Maybe your aunt in the FBI will help you! Or possibly your EVIL boss….JOHN PAUL DEJORIA.
    P.S.S. R Kelly was detained in the slammer without parole! The world is understanding what the John Paul DeJoria “GANG.” does. The prosecutor argued that obstruction of justice occurred with threats to silence. NO BAIL FOR EVIL R. KELLY.

  5. Tracy Zona says:

    You have been asked repeatedly to stop contacting me via this blog or in ANY manner. Your picture and address have been forwarded to the proper law authorities. STOP.

  6. Michael Jones says:

    You think you will get away with this ZONA! No wonder why Richard left you. Yes he left you!

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