FRAUD VS. FRAUD ( John Paul DeJoria/Scott Woolley) ROFL!!

A Plethora of Criminals on My Blog and Tiffany Woolley’s Shoes!!!
June 25, 2019
Another CROCK Like ROK! John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick Go Way Back
June 28, 2019
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FRAUD VS. FRAUD ( John Paul DeJoria/Scott Woolley) ROFL!!

Boy these two FRAUDS had good times together! And NOW it’s FRAUD (John Paul DeJoria) vs. FRAUD (Scott Woolley)!
A pattern exists with the man I call EVIL, John Paul DeJoria, as his business affiliates ALL GO DOWN. Some to DEATH, Paul Mitchell and Martin Crowley……and then some to PRISON. I think…… it was getting too HOT in the kitchen for the mastermind of worldwide fraud and more, John Paul DeJoria, so he created “smoke and mirrors.” Maybe… he decided to avert the attention off him, and play the victim for awhile at Scott Woolley’s expense. “Scott Woolley STOLE FROM ME AND I’M A VICTIM.” (Boo Hoo) The poor billionaire, John Paul DeJoria, has played the victim card before in the Latitude Solutions FRAUD. He KNEW Scott Woolley was a FRAUD before hiring him to run his businesses. JOHN PAUL DEJORIA HIRES FRAUDS. He knew other business affiliates were FRAUDS AND CRIMINALS, that had previously gone to prison…..YET HE IS NOW THE VICTIM! ROFL. It is interesting! I think Scott Woolley should write a “tell all” to buy his wife Tiffany Woolley a new pair of designer shoes! Do not hold back Scott Woolley as John Paul DeJoria THINKS he has you by the balls. THE POOR VICTIM HE IS….. TELL IT ALL! Scott Woolley has nothing to lose. John Paul DeJoria’s worldwide web is nothing but “SMOKE AND MIRRORS.” Let’s watch the tubby englishman, Jonathan Kendrick, John Paul DeJoria’s latest partner. What will happen to Jonathan Kendrick, and when will he be OFFED? (A figure of speech)

**I had a terrific too fun Tuesday! I had a cocktail with a source……very interesting.
*** Where is LITTLE Richard Zona Jr.? It’s WAY PAST TIME to return what is mine and what you are in contempt of court for. After you mercilessly abused me for years. How many more hooligans will go down?

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