John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. – Do the Flying Monkeys EVER FEEL STUPID?

The MSC Gayane and U.S. Attorney William McSwain – LARGE DRUG BUST
June 19, 2019
June 22, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. – Do the Flying Monkeys EVER FEEL STUPID?

Happy Friday everyone as I am flying off again! So much is going on….new arrests, increased intimidation, criminals everywhere, and even a MAJOR drug bust in a city of STOCK FRAUD connected to John Paul DeJoria (Virtual Piggy)(PHILADELPHIA), that I began to think…….DO JOHN PAUL DEJORIA AND RICHARD ZONA JR.S’S FLYING MONKEYS EVER FEEL STUPID? Even if they did these FLYING MONKEYS would never admit it. They just keep doing for these two. It does not matter how immoral it is? It doesn’t matter if it breaks the law. I have to admit I kind of wonder if ANY of them being brought down now, into the depths of hell, have spoken up or asked either one of these REAL LIFE DEVILS, to do the right thing? (A waste of time) SO MANY FLYING MONKEYS EXIST, I WILL TAKE A MOMENT TO NAME THEM AGAIN before I go have FUN! Happy Friday….Welcome to my blog, Bulgaria, Denmark, Belgium and Germany! (A few flying monkeys I can not name)(Click on the picture above to look into the undertaker, literally, and devil’s eyes)

John Paradise – Paradise Automotive Group
Judy Blossom – Berkshire Hathaway/Laguna Beach
Bonnie Zeldin Rosen – FRAUD/CORRUPT Attorney
Cary Glenn – Laguna Beach Divorce Money Launderer/Main Beach Realtor
Patricia (five last names) Zona
Karen Poindexter
Judge Kira Klatchko
Scott Woolley – most recent arrest
Mahesh Madhavan – CEO of Bacardi
Dan Marino
Hundreds of Attorneys for John Paul DeJoria and “GANG”
James Scarcelli/ PUKE
Jonathan Kendrick – “who barely put any money” (the world according to John Paul DeJoria) “into ROK” (Do Not Invest)
Oh gosh, I could go on forever and ever. I gotta ROLL for the weekend. BIG BLOGS NEXT WEEK as my team and I are trying to figure out why John Paul DeJoria has relationships with the government in Antiqua, Panama, and Peru…..IS THAT FISHY TOO?

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