I Will Not Accept ANYMORE TERROR – John Paul DeJoria/Richard Zona Jr. – Susanville, CA.

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June 17, 2019
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June 19, 2019
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I Will Not Accept ANYMORE TERROR – John Paul DeJoria/Richard Zona Jr. – Susanville, CA.

I have had ENOUGH TERROR! I will not accept ANYMORE TERROR. Almost a year ago the most terrifying night of my life occurred at the hands of John Paul Dejoria/affiliates. (on Friday the 13th). I had company in my home, celebrating a birthday, and the TERROR began around 8 p.m. It lasted several hours into the night, THE TERROR, at the filthy hands of these men. Of course, police reports reports were filed, and criminal complaints on ALL whom may have been involved. (More than one criminal complaint for multiple acts and multiple affiliates ) It’s on record and more. Harassment, corruption, legal abuse, blog hacking, terror and intimidation…..frightening TERROR.
As I stated before John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. will bring the house down. Not me. It is beginning to crumble….and there is a scramble that you would not believe. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY JOHN PAUL DEJORIA OR RICHARD ZONA JR. DO NOT COME AFTER ME TO TERRORIZE ME AGAIN OR WORSE. The two created the problem and have mishandled it on every level. Many of John Paul DeJoria’s businesses are falling apart as he is a TOTAL MESS. Aubio, (arrest) Paul Mitchell (contaminated product), Virtual Piggy (arrest), ….just to name a few. Today, my team watched someone in Susanville, Ca deeply into reading my blog ….. I was asked if I knew anyone in Susanville, Ca. and I do not. But there are TWO PRISONS in Susanville, Ca. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYMORE TERROR from John Paul DeJoria’s “GANG” (his own words). He is only using you to clean up HIS SHIT. He’s not worth it because he is SHIT. He will probably not even pay you minimunm wage as he has been sued for exactly that by employees.

*** I am NOT the only woman terrorized by this “GANG”. That is a matter of record too! Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions
*** I still suffer trauma episodes from LAST YEAR as well as the witnesses that were terrorized as well.
*** I wonder if the John Paul DeJoria criminal affiliates, already in jail. are spilling their guts to get out of there?

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