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June 14, 2019
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June 17, 2019
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This Woman Is Off The Train…

It’s true John Paul DeJoria has a train. Did he buy it with legit money or FRAUD money….I can’t tell you? But this woman, Tracy Zona, is off the train of Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria and their criminal affiliates. This choo choo is a symbol of HELL for me. The movie “The Girl On The Train”, although a movie, is all to real for me. The abuse victim in the movie lived in the alternative world of abuse, the darkness, the confusion, the chaos, she suffered PTSD, as so many abuse victims do. I suffered it myself. The abuse victim is discounted as she reaches for help over and over again. The abuse victim in the movie suffered blow after blow after blow. She knew something wasn’t right, even evil, and she was searching for the TRUTH. I started that journey years ago. I have suffered blow, after blow, after blow. Ignored by police, judges, and attorneys that took what they could from me gleefully and greedily. Evil flying monkeys, for abuse, sickingly common, came at me at every angle in my life, and still does. I was gaslighted, disrespected, threatened, harrassed, terrorized, abandoned, trashed (verbally and literally), legally abused, and illegally silenced twice. But just as in “the Girl on The Train” you come out of the dark hell hole of abuse. Light bulbs go off, it begins to make sense, the evil you’ve survived, and I have to equate it to a rebirth of life. Eventually…in the movie the abusive psychopath is revealed and is held accountable. In my case… life, since I left abuse at the hands of Richard Zona Jr., hasn’t been surviving ONE PSYCHOPATH. I have had to SURVIVE EIGHT PSYCHOPATHS! AND THAT CHOO CHOO TRAIN …..I AM OFF! Living in the world of abuse IS AN ALTERNATIVE WORLD. Thank you readers for all the compassion, understanding, caring, support, through your readership and emails. It feels amazing to be in the land of living and love. DO NOT GET ON THAT TRAIN!!

***Welcome Ft. Lauderdale! Could it be Dan Marino? I’ll bet he is worried since Scott Woolley, a John Paul DeJoria affiliate, was arrested this week! Gosh Dan Marino has been involved in a couple of businesses with Scoot Woolley and John Paul DeJoria! Five Star Entertainment dissolved in an unsavory manner. Money, files, and more went missing. (Just like Nordaq, in Alaska) Anyway, whether it is or is not Dan Marino in Fort Lauderdale,(worried sick?)…..welcome to my blog! PLEASE KEEP READING. I appreciate you not using

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