The Three STOOGES and Duck Duck Go!

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June 13, 2019
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June 16, 2019
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The Three STOOGES and Duck Duck Go!

The three stooges….One in the Bee Cave, Austin, Texas.(Yes, where John Paul DeJoria lives) One in Marlboro, Ma. And one in S. Florida were all on my blog simultaneously today….HEY ISN”T THAT WHERE SCOTT WOOLLEY WAS JUST ARRESTED? You should see the image of the THREE STOOGES MY TEAM OVERSEAS SENT ME!! It is also stored in a CLOUD!!! As if MY OVERSEAS TEAM can’t see you on DUCKDUCKGO.COM! Do you know what, is folks? It is a search engine that pretends that you can search without being tracked. WRONG AGAIN THOSE THREE STOOGES ARE! And these horrible people, keep looking at my website as a problem, because I am a woman exposing their FRAUD, abuse, terror, and harassment. It’s done undercover like the undertakers they are. But I am a survivor of abuse. Keeping secrets only makes the abuse continue for generations. The abuse, legal abuse, terror, fraud, theft, and intimidation at the hands of my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria’s “GANG and affiliates…will not be kept a secret BY ME. Wrong WOMAN! Wrong ERA! It’s been “duly noted.”

**280 illegal log in attempts have occurred in the last several days to my website. The criminal affiliates hacked it once already on Christmas Eve 2017!

*** I had a flashback to the TERROR and FRIGHTENING HARASSMENT that occurred nearly one year ago on Friday the 13th at the hands of my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. and the John Paul DeJoria/Criminal affiliates. It was a night of FEAR. It does not just go away. I have suffered this sinister CRAP for fourteen years.

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