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June 6, 2019
June 11, 2019
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Happy Sunday. I Saw a Black Bear

As I have said before this is my diary, of a previous life of domestic abuse, and my live after I survived leaving my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr. I saw a black bear yesterday. And it was not at the zoo. It was in the wild…in a place I am growing to love. Peace exists there and I am away from a world of men that would threaten, harass, terrorize, legally abuse, and abuse a woman like me. Last week was a field day for John Paul DeJoria’s gang as I received four brutal threats. And just this morning the Bee Cave, Austin was reading. The threats I receive are typical for the worst men in the world. “Your crazy”. “We laugh at you” ” You probably have no teeth, have been botoxed out, and had abortions.” None of which characterize my true heart and being……..but the sickness lies in the men that are affiliated with John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. It’s why I call out abuse, cons, and frauds because I kept it a secret for thirteen years. It destroyed my family. After my weekend away from the brat pack, cocktails, fun, fashion, and good times….my weekend away from it all has refreshed me. I’m ready to expose MORE.

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