BREAKING NEWS! Open a School of FRAUD……John Paul DeJoria

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June 5, 2019
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June 9, 2019
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BREAKING NEWS! Open a School of FRAUD……John Paul DeJoria

ALERT – For the THIRD TIME THIS YEAR a business affiliate/”GANGMEMBER” of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested.

~The billionaire co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair-care brand has purchased the former McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, setting up a potential redevelopment of the 80-acre west suburban property in the wake of the fast-food giant’s relocation downtown.~
It’s unclear what DeJoria plans to do with the property and a spokesman for brokerage NAI Hiffman, which represented him in the acquisition, declined to comment.~

I have a couple of ideas for John Paul DeJoria whose affiliates and GANG MEMBERS, some criminal, have harassed, legally and corruptly abused, terrorized, and domestically abused, TWO WOMAN (that I know of). John Paul DeJoria should use the property acquired above and open what he has been MOST SUCCESSFUL at…..A SCHOOL OF FRAUD. (However, he will not pay his employees)

And if that is not in the cards, how about a SCHOOL OF TERROR AND ABUSE TOWARDS WOMEN. John Paul DeJoria and his GANG of cohorts have been oh so successful at it thus far. According to one email of intimidation sent to me “they fly around with their BIG MONEY, LAUGHING ABOUT IT.”

And there you have it, my two cents on how John Paul DeJoria could use his newly acquired property, more than likely by FRAUD, to teach FRAUD.

*** Maybe even call in his friend and mutual ego stroker, Tony Robbins, to be the head MASTER. Let the WHOLE GANG walk on coals, treat women horrifically, and laugh about it, and make MONEY.

I am flying OFF to another wonderful weekend at XANADU………I will check in and a WHOLE LOT MORE TO COME. BIG LOVE to the world! XOXOXO

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