Erin Burnett (CNN) Sucks….Jonathan Kendrick, Playing with The Devil.

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June 4, 2019
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June 6, 2019
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Erin Burnett (CNN) Sucks….Jonathan Kendrick, Playing with The Devil.

Take a look at Erin Burnett! She does not care whom she touts, what she stands for, she is just a CNN regurgitator. After all I have been through with the GANG OF JOHN PAUL DEJORIA, it is disgusting to watch. To see nothing but FAKE NEWS by hired F- journalists. Why didn’t she ask….Is it true you have been involved in some very sketchy biz? (Latitude Solutions, Virtual Piggy (criminals and mafia), Nordaq (money missing), Morroccan Oil Deal (sketchy, sketchy sketchy), FiveStar Entertainment (money and files missing) over and over and over again. Or, “Is it true Mr.(Devil) John Paul DeJoria that it is now well known that there are at least TWO WOMAN who have been harassed, terrorized, legally abused, all with corruption, Sir, what do you have to say for yourself?” Did you need to Sir, have your criminal affiliates HACK an abuse survivors blog? Many questions could have been asked but instead money beats out integrity with Erin Burnett. I’d fire her.

Watch this video CLOSE. Jonathan Kendrick is playing with fire. Is Jonathan kendrick a partner or employee? The DeJoria’s do not like to pay their employees EVEN MINIMUM WAGE. And if your John Paul DeJoria’s partner WATCH OUT. In the video above it was VERY IMPORTANT for John Paul DeJoria to mention HE PUT THE MONEY IN. Gosh…not sure why he would even mention that. Why the necessity to say HE PUT THE MONEY in? Watch out, as his partner in Patron, Martin Crowley, was FOUND DEAD at the bottom of a staircase in Antiqua, after he did ALL THE WORK! And then the vultures swept in.

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