GUMMY – Tony Robbins*** Could It Be?

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June 1, 2019
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June 4, 2019
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GUMMY – Tony Robbins*** Could It Be?

Could it be(?)…nah, it couldn’t, or could it? I have been racking my brain over these two emails sent to me. One is extremely intimidating. The other, sounds like my FIRST REAL THREAT. More than the usual degrading, abusive, legal abuse, and harassment I have received thus far. Let me re-post the TWO SUSPECT EMAILS that were sent to my blog, AFTER I did a blog on Tony Robbins and John Paul DeJoria, two mutual ego strokers.:

~GIRL GONE PHYSCHO I DO NOT LIVE IN VIRGINIA . Richmond . Which is great you think the opposite COAST . And yes the DAUGHTER you Aborted . I FEEL GREAT THAT YOU CANT TAKE THE HEAT but you So slick at the mouth SPREADING LIES AND FRAUD . AGAIN let’s reach into your FRAID LIFE and how you TRICK MEN then cry ABUSE. I am ready for you and your SICK BLOG that does nothing for the WORLD OF GREAT WOMEN. READING this trash lets everyone know you are selfish and make women look Bad . And you paid money for this TRASH. OH – you work to support this trash . You are A MONATER and make women look BAD !
WHO CHOSE YOU to be the one to ruin OUR reputations ? GET OFF your LAZY ASS and do something tot change your MISERABLE CRAZY LIFE. You think this HELPS ? You are making them richer – more successful while theY fly away and make more money and LAUGH at YOUR INSANITY . YOU ARE SO DUMB, YES YOU ARE A LIAR ! Lying to women about your QUEST to call men out . WHY ? What degree do you have to educate us ? YOU ARE A FRAUD . AND your EX SHOULD THANK GOD YOU ARE GONE . What a great life he is living without YOU ! And the NEXT TIME YOU CRY ABUSE – TRY VISTING A WOMENS SHELTER WHO HAS BEEN BEATEN TO ALMOST DEATH . Bye you sick LOSER !~

** Now “they may be flying around the world laughing at me with all their money” BUT the brat pack was out with me tonight, having a blast, laughing at Tony Robbins GUMS!


Now listen to Tony Robbins degrade and re-victimize (a second assault) domestic abuse victims.

Now I’m not saying it is GUMMY Tony Robbins or not? BUT….when I googled Tony Robbins, Richmond, VA, because that is were the ip address was….I was directed to : THE TONY ROBBINS FOUNDATION. Try it for yourself. GOOGLE TONY ROBBINS, RICHMOND, VA. Could the two frauds, John Paul DeJoria and Tony Robbins be more connected than we know? My team is doing some fast research!

Domestic abuse is physical, financial, emotional, sexual, and always coercive. It is the second time I have had a horrible creature email me that I should be grateful I have yet to be beaten or murdered. My blog is my purpose. I was left unbeaten or as yet murdered to tell the true nature of abuse. As it never ends and the abuser recruits other abusers such as in the emails above. As Yogi Berra said “there are no coincidences” It is very suspicious I received a second assault (abuse), a Tony Robbins specialty, several days after my blog on Tony Robbins and John Paul DeJoria.

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