Just HOW MANY Have Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/Affiliates Legally Abused?

John Paul DeJoria/Affiliates and Richard Zona Jr. are Legal Abusers
May 27, 2019
The Giving Pledge – Bullshit On John Paul DeJoria and Warren Buffett
May 30, 2019
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Just HOW MANY Have Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/Affiliates Legally Abused?

ALERT: For the THIRD TIME in a year a business affiliate/”GANGMEMBER of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested.”

I was doing spring cleaning and I went through my legally abused Tracy Zona closet. I, Tracy Zona, have been legally abused by Richard Zona Jr. since 2004. (Domestic abuse, coercive control, financial abuse and more.) On top of that I, Tracy Zona, have been legally abused since 2017 by John Paul DeJoria and his criminal affiliates. I took all the legal abuse paper out of the closet and it reached my chest. I wonder how high Carly Singer/Latitudes Solutions legally abusing paperwork is? The John Paul DeJoria criminal abuse team did a horrific number on her. Is it up to her chest (?)…… mine has been going on for years, longer than hers, but her’s was oh so brutal. Legal abuse syndrome is common in cases such as mine. IT IS A GIANT PROBLEM. Scores of websites and books on this subject are news to me. When you are in the midst of it, it feels like your the ONLY one. But I have found out I am far from the only one…..it is an epidemic. And in my case EVIL men like my domestic abuser Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates get away with it. If you have been abused legally by Richard Zona Jr. or John Paul Dejoria/criminal affiliates PLEASE drop me a line. Emails are pouring in…….I know how long Richard Zona Jr. has been legally abusing but I am beginning an investigation into HOW MANY John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates have legally abused? I’ve got a good start on this FOLKS!!

Refers to unfair or improper legal action with selfish or malicious intent. Legal abusecan originate from nearly ANY PART of the legal system, including frivolous and vexatious litigants, abuses by law enforcement, incompetent, careless or corrupt attorneys and misconduct from the judiciary itself.



  1. Tracy Zona says:

    I am not sure LOSER (from Richmond, Virginia) who you are? And I am not sure whom you are referring to as I do NOT HAVE A DAUGHTER. Nor, am I gold digging as I support myself on a single salary. After severe control and abuse in my marriage my FREEDOM means everything to me. I own no jewelry, as my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. stole it all and sold it for $3200.00. And….I have NEVER had botox or ANY cosmetic procedure IN MY LIFE. So your calling out the wrong girl! Definately NOT TRASH, NOR DO I EVER LIE. You are either a flying monkey for my ex or someone that is very, very, confused. You should have your own blog to settle your own life’s unhappiness. It works wonders. Thank you for reading as I saw you were GLUED to my blog on google analytics:) P.S. You sound very much like an abusive man that justifies verbally abusing another anyway they can. I SURVIVED ABUSE!

    P.S. I will take your words “slick with the mouth” as a compliment as I know you were GLUED TO AND ADDICTED TO MY BLOG.

    P.S.S. This guy sounds like TONY ROBBINS!

  2. Loser says:

    GIRL GONE PHYSCHO I DO NOT LIVE IN VIRGINIA . Richmond . Which is great you think the opposite COAST . And yes the DAUGHTER you Aborted . I FEEL GREAT THAT YOU CANT TAKE THE HEAT but you So slick at the mouth SPREADING LIES AND FRAUD . AGAIN let’s reach into your FRAID LIFE and how you TRICK MEN then cry ABUSE. I am ready for you and your SICK BLOG that does nothing for the WORLD OF GREAT WOMEN. READING this trash lets everyone know you are selfish and make women look Bad . And you paid money for this TRASH. OH – you work to support this trash . You are A MONATER and make women look BAD !
    WHO CHOSE YOU to be the one to ruin OUR reputations ? GET OFF your LAZY ASS and do something tot change your MISERABLE CRAZY LIFE. You think this HELPS ? You are making them richer – more successful while theY fly away and make more money and LAUGH at YOUR INSANITY . YOU ARE SO DUMB, YES YOU ARE A LIAR ! Lying to women about your QUEST to call men out . WHY ? What degree do you have to educate us ? YOU ARE A FRAUD . AND your EX SHOULD THANK GOD YOU ARE GONE . What a great life he is living without YOU ! And the NEXT TIME YOU CRY ABUSE – TRY VISTING A WOMENS SHELTER WHO HAS BEEN BEATEN TO ALMOST DEATH . Bye you sick LOSER !

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