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May 25, 2019
John Paul DeJoria/Affiliates and Richard Zona Jr. are Legal Abusers
May 27, 2019
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I Wish Upon A Star****

I wish upon a star tonight that Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria and his criminal affiliates will someday do the right thing. Instead, they recruit more people to do their dirty work. Birds of a feather flock together. Thirteen years have gone by and it only gets worse. I am going to wish again. WISHING! Ya know, if I was a Hell’s Angel and John Paul DeJoria was sitting in his BIG MONEY PERCH, giving orders so no one can track him without a computer, email, or phone, (the old man can’t stop repeating himself), for a Hell’s Angel somewhere living in maybe East LA, to come after a woman that has been abused emotionally, financially, and sexually, stolen from, defrauded, harassed. terrorized, legally abused, and corruption in the courts, because John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. CAN”T DEAL WITH IT…… I’D TELL JOHN PAUL DEJORIA AND RICHARD ZONA JR. TO GO BLOW! I think being in a GANG is almost like being a victim of abuse. An unbalance of power exists. (AS JOHN PAUL DEJORIA SITS ON HIS THRONE) insuring he and Richard Zona Jr’s monkeys start circling Tracy. And in a gang some financial control exists. John Paul DeJoria gets the billions off his flying monkeys work, then one of the flying monkeys is grateful he and his family barely have food. (Per email) Anyway, I’m WISHING!!!

With that said 76 attempts were made today to illegally log into my website. They hacked it on Christmas Eve 2017.
Please stand tall for all John Paul DeJoria’s employees that had to sue John Paul DeJoria and that darling eloise (gross) JUST TO GET PAID AND JUST TO GET PAID MINIMUM WAGE.


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