Patricia Zona and Michelle Pillot Supporting A Domestic Abuser At Restoration Hardware West Palm Beach

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Patricia Zona and Michelle Pillot Supporting A Domestic Abuser At Restoration Hardware West Palm Beach

It’s a sick world out there folks. I tend to believe exposing the worst of the worst will bring about love, care, and compassion for the world a bit faster. These two women are two of the WORST! You know it is not o.k. my ex MONSTER abuser Richard Zona Jr. abused me emotionally, financially, and sexually. It is not o.k. that he signed my name on documents, as well as others, sold my marital home without my knowledge, had my car stolen in the middle of the night (by John Paradise, Paradise Automotive Group), stole ALL MY JEWELRY and confessed to selling it all for $3200.00, still holds what is rightfully mine (legal judgement in contempt of court) TODAY, legally terrorized and harassed me while corrupting a family court with his criminal BEST FRIENDS, and hacked my blog, and asked me to meet him in a Dana Point parking garage to give me MY MONEY, ONLY IF, I perform grotesque sexual acts on him in the parking garage. But these two women not only support him but also enjoy lunch at Restoration Hardware, WEST PALM BEACH! It does not matter to them at all what kind of man he is as long as they can lunch at Restoration Hardware, West Palm Beach. You see…the aging one on the left, Patricia Zona, MARRIED the MONSTER, Richard Zona Jr., not so long ago. She doesn’t care…rumour has it she is wicked! As long as she can spend my MONEY, she’s in! And now her daughter Michelle Pillot has set an ugly example for her children. I mean…honestly as long as she can lunch at Restoration Hardware West Palm Beach with her Mommy that has had FIVE LAST NAMES… (I’m assuming she has had hundreds of MEN IN HER LIFE, with five last names, men are a numbers game for her), Michelle Pillot doesn’t care that her new step daddy, Richard Zona Jr., while married to me,….serviced the pedophile moving Monsignor John Urell in the rectory many nights a week! Enjoy your lunch, ladies(?), (eyeroll, puke) as it was on my stolen dime!

P.S. Patricia Zona has not only married and supported a MONSTER of a domestic abuser, but she has attempted fraud with her new husband, Richard Zona Jr., in multiple businesses. They did not pay their rent at Faith by the Sea, their fraud scam of the moment that went CAPUT, THAT IS WHY THEY LEFT CALIFORNIA AND MOVED TO FLORIDA TO HARVEST MORE VICTIMS. THEY BELONG TOGETHER.

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