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May 15, 2019
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May 16, 2019
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The Dark Tunnel Is Long

I live in the light and I now write about the dark. My days are warm, and loving. Those in my life are TRUE. All I ever wanted was to be away from the abuse and FRAUDS. I’ve learned to compartmentalize the abuse, terror, harassment, and legal abuse into 10 percent of my life. And I have learned to live in the LIGHT, as I am a survivor, the other 90 percent. I began today’s blog diary entry searching tips to help others escape abuse and I realized after reading them, I can not offer any. The only one I didn’t try was planning ahead. When the abuse became too much my world BLEW UP. Maybe….if I had planned ahead, I honestly don’t know. Truthfully, it would have been near impossible to plan ahead with the extreme financial abuse I was subjected to. I do know the only way I escaped and made it into the light is I played DEAD for my abuser Richard Zona Jr. For thirteen years. HE THOUGHT, he is a narcissist, he could just go along and demean me and abuse me for the rest of his life. Richard Zona Jr. thought he had written my story. TRUST ME, that he and his flying monkeys never thought I would rise again. THEY THOUGHT they had annihilated me for life. The police didn’t help me. Judges didn’t help me. My family did their best to help me. I helped myself! I can not stress how hard it is too leave. But you HAVE TO. Believe you can leave HELL! No human being should live under brutal power of another. The dark tunnel is long…………….I can look back into that dark tunnel and fight everything about the EVIL inside of it…..but TRUST ME…..I am living in the LIGHT.

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