Naomi – Lack of Integrity, Morality, and An Accomplice.

John Paul DeJoria With His Affiliates Harass and Terrorize Women “When No One Is Looking”
May 8, 2019
Happy Friday! John Paul DeJoria, a “GANGMEMBER” of the Hell’s Angels
May 10, 2019
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Naomi – Lack of Integrity, Morality, and An Accomplice.

I woke to hundreds of supporting emails for talking the TRUTH about domestic abuse, and for utilizing MY BLOG as my daily diary. But one I received today was not very supportive. It was from Naomi, supposedly, as I have received several intimidating emails on my blog about my Jonathan Kendrick/Rok blog. Jonathan Kendrick is a GANG MEMBER of John Paul DeJoria’s and he chose to be. Now, he must know John Paul DeJoria has had some suspicious, at a minimum, business deals in the last fifteen years with criminals. He must know John Paul DeJoria is a Hell’s Angel. And Jonathan Kendrick surely knows by now that there are at least two women that John Paul DeJoria’s business affiliates have terrorized, harassed, legally abused, and corruptly has tried to silence. AT LEAST TWO… Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions and myself.. Now of course John Paul DeJoria is a Forbes billionaire so he doesn’t terrorize women himself, he is a GANG MEMBER, so instead, his affiliates do his dirty work. So to Naomi……let me repeat what I have thus far SURVIVED ….

*EXTREME emotional, financial and sexual abuse.
*My marital home being stolen, my car, and my jewelry as well.
*Left for dead with $2000.00 to my name after 20 years of marriage while my abuser (Richard Zona Jr.) fraudulantly signed my name on many documents and laundered my stolen money with Cary Glenn and David Sear. (I’M NOT DEAD)
*Legal abuse by Bonnie Zeldin Rosen who aided Richard Zona Jr. in his theft of my life.
*Sexual and financial abuse for three years after I left my abuser with the threat of holding my judgement money, which Richard Zona Jr. still holds today.
*Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates terrorizing, harassing, legally abusing with a multitude of attorneys (5) for nine months straight.
*Being terrorized along with two other woman on the night of Friday the 13th, 2018. For more than four hours. By someone paid to do so.
*My blog being hacked on Christmas Eve, 2017.
*Intimidating emails that include intimidation about my family and friends.
*Everyday a 100 attempts to log into my website and hack it again.
*Everyday a world wide house of crime on my blog as I have been told “I am on their radar”

And poor Carly Singer…what she went through. It is sickening. Google it Naomi. Get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. You are ONE OF THEM NAOMI. A human being that lacks Integrity, Morality, and an Accomplice. You support cons, frauds, and a GANG OF MEN that brutalize women with no conscience.

Naomi’s email: Next time, get your facts straight before throwing out accusatory statements, a simple google search will debunk your “facts”. If you’re going to write such a clearly bias and verbally distasteful article, make sure you know what you’re talking about. And by the way, continuously making digs at someone’s weight does not give your article legitimately, it is petty and speaks VOLUMES about your character.

Naomi is worried that after 14 years of TERROR that I have endured, which continues today, that I called one of John Paul DeJoria’s GANG MEMBERS, Jonathan Kendrick, FAT. NAOMI, IT SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU AND HOW GREEDY YOU ARE TO ALIGN YOURSELF WITH MEN OF SUCH LOW CALIBER THAT TERRORIZE WOMEN.

I’ve lived my facts Naomi.

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