Does Texas Governor Greg Abbott Take John Paul DeJoria’s Dirty Money? Does He Condone His Behavior?

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Does Texas Governor Greg Abbott Take John Paul DeJoria’s Dirty Money? Does He Condone His Behavior?

I recently asked the Texas Governor Greg Abbott these questions but I have yet to get a response? If I were the Texas Governor I would ask some very tough questions before I invited someone to the Governor Mansion? For instance, is it true John Paul DeJoria, you have, through criminal affiliates, harassed, terrorized, legally abused, and corruptly abused two women? (Me, Tracy Zona and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions). If I were the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott I would ask, is it true Virtual Piggy had dubious founders, felons, and Philadelphia mafia families, and John Paul DeJoria KNEW ABOUT IT, before he became involved? Is it true, that another stock (FRAUD) Latitude Solutions, with the same criminal affiliates and John Paul DeJoria, was found guilty of FRAUD in a Texas Court, and John Paul DeJoria had to bring nearly 12 million in cash into the court, as the judge was non-corruptable. **Latitude Solutions has been brought to appeal as John Paul DeJoria has played the court game before in his whacky Moroccan Oil Deal. (According to my sources a pattern exists for John Paul DeJoria’s perpetual wheel of stock fraud.)

~The suit was brought in U.S. District Court in Fort Worth, Texas by the bankruptcy trustee overseeing Latitude Solutions’ estate. The five-day trial and the resulting eight-figure verdict got little, if any, mainstream media attention, despite DeJoria’s celebrity status as the co-founder of the John Paul Mitchell hair-care company and the Patron Tequila empire.~

…..Why no mainstream media attention?

~John Paul DeJoria, should have to pay $21.4 million in damages arising from the looting and bankruptcy of a Texas company.~

And Governor Greg Abbott should ask what happened to the missing millions in Alaska? (Nordaq) and the files and money missing in Florida (Five Star Entertainment)?

And you have to wonder why Governor Greg Abbott makes a video to say what a “great American” John Paul DeJoria is? John Paul DeJoria is a self proclaimed “GANG MEMBER” of the Hell’s Angels.

After reviewing it all, Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is o.k. with gang members in his state of Texas if they are rich with “Dirty Money” (John Paul DeJoria) but if they are not he wants the gang members eradicted.

” Let’s Boot Gangs Out Of Texas ”

How much of John Paul DeJoria’s “dirty money” goes to Governor Greg Abbott? What a political hypocrite!!!!

OHHH!!! The Bee Cave, Austin, home to John Paul DeJoria was on my website AGAIN this morning.

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