It Is Not Easy What I Do! Setting Boundaries With A Billionaire Boy’s Club

John Paul DeJoria and His Affiliates Keep Trying To Silence Me
April 18, 2019
Easter Sunday – Nusrat Jahan Rafi – Fighting The Boys Club
April 21, 2019
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It Is Not Easy What I Do! Setting Boundaries With A Billionaire Boy’s Club

Setting boundaries with horrible/evil people is not easy… but it is what I do. After leaving domestic abuse it is the most important aspect you need to learn FAST. When your life is stolen from you by a domestic abuser, Richard Zona Jr., and for years he sends in flying monkeys, criminals, and a billionaire boy’s club after me, you need to use your resources, even if you do not have many. My blog/diary has been my only tool I have to set my boundaries, expose horrific domestic abuse and hopefully stop the continuance of it in my family, ( Sadly I am failing in this but thirteen years of silence did nothing either), expose the frauds and criminal affiliates of John Paul DeJoria, and to keep all their corruption exposed. All those exposed in my blog TRULY NEED TO GET MY BOUNDARIES. I have SET MY BOUNDARIES IN STONE. You will not abuse me, threaten me, harass me, legally abuse me in court ( like so many victims of domestic abuse), steal from me, commit your expertise fraud on me, or intimidate me. These men and some women are pussies. Everyone of them categorized in my blog. John Paul DeJoria and Richard Zona Jr. keep finding new men and a few women to corrupt and come after a woman (me) who’s boundaries are set! It is the nightmare that never ever ENDS.

**** Where is Richard Zona Jr.? He is playing the billionaire boys clubs as fools. TRACY ZONA HAS SET BOUNDARIES AS TO HOW SHE WILL BE TREATED THE REST OF HER LIFE. AND I DON”T CARE IF IT’S THE BILLIONAIRES BOYS CLUB AFTER ME OR NOT. Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria will take every one of ya in my blog/diary down with them. It has already happened.

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