Hayley Rosen – Corrupt Attorney To Be? – Already MONSTER Mini Me

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April 16, 2019
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Hayley Rosen – Corrupt Attorney To Be? – Already MONSTER Mini Me

UPDATE: 1/12/20120 I received a tragic email which I had predicted, long ago. An abused woman, brave enough to attempt to escape domestic abuse, was being legally re-abused by Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, and her daughter Hayley Rosen as they represented her abuser. (It happened to me and multiple others)) The victim committed suicide as all her resources were stripped by team Rosen and the re-abuse in the OC FAMILY COURT left her ZERO HOPE for a future. Again….I’ve been there with TEAM ROSEN. About a year ago I was sent a MEME of Hayley Rosen from very concerned individuals in the OC that wanted the world to know her true nature. At the time I CHOSE not to publish it. TODAY, I choose differently as an abused victim has now lost her life due to this EVIL DUO. Mother and daughter, Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and Hayley Rosen.

Hayley Rosen was born with a pitchfork in hand! I have received DOZENS of emails from the OC regarding her ill character. Having had her HORRIBLE mother, Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, fraudulantly STEAL MY LIFE, with my domestic abuser ex Richard Zona JR., I know Hayley Rosen has soiled DNA. She has been trained by her mother to not only be a witch, but to have zero integrity in a court of law. And outside. Her pictures are too foul to publish that are sent to me. I know, her NUT JOB Mother, Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, with an ax to grind against women that are victims of abuse, has taught Hayley, MONSTER MINI ME, to stick that pitchfork into any victim of abuse they can find in that OC Family Court and get what they can out of it. Now…. it not only happened to me, I have received scores of emails. Not just one……SCORES about their corrupt behavior. The State Bar has received countless complaints against MOMMY DEAREST, Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, and now Hayley sits in the court room destroying people’s lives for profit. I’ve heard she sits next to her mother in court and calls her “MOMMY”. She’s over 30 and desperate. Let’s keep a close eye on Hayley Rosen in a courtroom. She has been trained by one of the worst people I have encountered in my entire life. Her mother. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen.

**** MY ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. is in contempt of court. He owes me roughly $2,764,000 including interest. His attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen advises him not to pay me. She advises him to VIOLATE A COURT ORDER. She wants me to return to court so she can furthur abuse and terrorize me with her pitchfork and law license. And so she can STEAL more money from families that are ripped apart. After she has it in for you it becomes a personal vendetta. She knows her client is in CONTEMPT OF COURT AND VIOLATING A COURT ORDER. She advises him to do so. I have too much class and integrity as to put myself near this HORRIFIC DUO ever again, in my life, in a court of family law or out!

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  1. Nick Tucker says:

    Like Mother and Daughter, the fact their law license is still active is very disturbing!

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