Happy Sunday Funday….When Hell Freezes Over

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April 5, 2019
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April 9, 2019
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Happy Sunday Funday….When Hell Freezes Over

Happy Sunday Funday! A few life changes this weekend. Some Heavy emotion. I’m accepting the life changes and actually looking forward to a new adventure and a brand new chapter. I am routing for the BEST CHAPTER YET! But I am still waiting for the men and women FROM HELL to do the right thing. WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER, RIGHT? And that is why my blog, a diary of domestic abuse, and subsequently, continued coercive control, terror, harrassment, legal abuse, and corruption at the hands of stock FRAUD billionaires and criminals will never end. I am waiting for these HORRIBLE PEOPLE FROM HELL to correct their terrible mistakes.

Richard Zona Jr. – Domestic abuser from hell. Con. Fraud. Cheater. Liar. Manson like ringleader.
John Paul DeJoria – FRAUD, “GANGMEMBER”, Corruption specialist, Terrorist of women, Business affiliates are criminals and he uses them to do his dirty work.
John Paradise – Charged felon, Snake in the Grass, Former drug addict and gambler with addiction (maybe former)
Cary Glenn – Scumbag realtor, stole from two women going through a divorce, probable money launderer for divorcing men, made money off of several divorces. TOTALLY DISGUSTING MAN that thinks he is cute. LOL.
Judy Blossom – My past next door neighbor that helped Richard Zona Jr. steal my marital home. They hid that it was for sale, and someone most probably signed my name. They both made money on a closing I was never invited to and the earnings went directly to Cary Glenn to hide the money. Is this old lady dead yet? Who knows and who cares. Her horrible children will start a BLOSSOM (ing) war the minute she’s gone.
Bonnie Zeldin Rosen – Famous for stealing from women in a court of law. And continuing massive abuse for the evil men she takes on as clients. Not only is this woman ugly and smelly on the outside, she is rotten inside to the highest degree.

That’s enough HELL to write about in one day…….
Whoo hoo… let’s go have more FUN!
The Blog Continues Forever….OR until HELL FREEZES OVER!

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