Mahesh Madhavan – CEO- BACARDI -Took It Up The A** for John Paul DeJoria

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March 27, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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Mahesh Madhavan – CEO- BACARDI -Took It Up The A** for John Paul DeJoria

BREAKING NEWS – For the THIRD TIME in a year a business affiliate/”GANGMEMBER” of John Paul DeJoria’s has been arrested. DO NOT DRINK CRIMINAL PATRON

****This is a repost and a very important message! Someone in Miami (Bacardi? Coral Gables to be exact) was trying very hard to silence the TRUTH of my blog/diary. Bacardi, particularly the CEO Mahesh Madhavan, ignored me when I informed him, that I was going through, terror, blog hacking, intimidation, legal abuse, severe domestic abuse, corruption, and more at the hands of John Paul DeJoria, my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr., and their criminal affiliates. I made Bacardi aware of the terror at the time. They ignored me and continued to purchase Patron from the FRAUD John Paul DeJoria knowing I was being terrorized and worse. Now….they are trying to silence me. BACARDI HAS NO RIGHT TO ATTEMPT TO SILENCE MY VOICE AND MY THOUGHTS. STAY OFF MY BLOG BACARDI! MAHESH MADHAVAN MADE HIS HORRIFIC CHOICES AND IGNORED ME THEN, AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH.

OMG I said it! Reserved especially for the CEO of Bacardi Mahesh Madhavan. I was out and about with the brat pack this weekend. Sipping my BOTANIST martini when one of my endearing friends, a man, said “Tracy, the worst thing you can say to a man is they took it up the a**: regarding a business deal. No man wants to take it up the a** in business.” The MOMENT HE SAID IT I THOUGHT OF MAHESH MADHAVAN, THE CEO OF BACARDI. First off, I have ZERO respect for the man. While I was going through abuse and terror (for nine months until today) at the hands of John Paul DeJoria’s crime friends and affiliates I emailed Mr. Madhavan. He read my emails. He not only read my emails but he read my blog. Mahesh Madhavan CHOSE to ignore me, dismiss me, a survivor of abuse, who was being terrorized by this “gang” and instead, took it up the ass, and gave John Paul DeJoria 5.1 billion dollars for a tequila has been. (Puke on it Patron.) That is “taking it up the ass” for John Paul DeJoria. Mahesh Madhavan is from India. India is the most dangerous country for women on the planet earth. He does not care. My emails meant nothing to Mahesh Madhavan. As a woman fighting for myself and victims of abuse around the world loudly and unapologetically, anything Bacardi, is rotten to the core. Bacardi is run by Mahesh Madhavan, who not only ignored a victim of abuse at the hands of John Paul DeJoria’s “GANG” but then CHOSE to take it “up the a**” for John Paul DeJoria. Way to go Mahesh. You must feel like a big man now!

UPDATE: YOU SHOULD SEE HOW SWIFTLY WITH LEGAL, BACARDI AND JOHN PAUL DEJORIA REACTED, SIMULTANEOUSLY, WHEN MARTIN CROWLEY, partner to John Paul DeJoria in Patron, was found dead at the bottom of his staircase in Antiqua! WOWEE! Bacardi and John Paul DeJoria swooned in like VULTURES.

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