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March 17, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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Who’s The Problem? Not Me.

I am not the problem. The problem begins with Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria and ends with Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria. I only write about the problem, but they create it. My ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr., did so many evil acts upon me. And this could all have been resolved years ago, as it should have been. John Paul DeJoria and his “GANG” of criminal affiliates jumped on the destroy Tracy Zona train, and they did not have to do that either. In fact the two of them have attracted so much attention to their frauds that their EVIL has rendered them STUPID. I wonder when ONE OF THEIR GANG will finally get it on their EVIL TEAM and BLAME THEM for this over extended nightmare. THE TWO LITTLE MEN ARE THE PROBLEM. NOT ME. I JUST WRITE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. I am certain their EVIL will prevail and more, and more, will fall of their own gang. Because the PROBLEM is Richard Zona Jr. and JOHN PAUL DEJORIA. The two of them have caused a firestorm and they just keep throwing more of their own into the pits of fiery hell. ( Or incarceration ) Which ever comes first! If your “GANG” Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria you should change your attitude. I am only writing about the PROBLEM they have created and acted on.

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