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March 16, 2019
Who’s The Problem? Not Me.
March 19, 2019
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What Will Happen This Week?

I am blessed as I had another entirely cool weekend! The question is exactly what is the diabolical Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria plotting this week to silence me and my true story? RICHARD ZONA JR. and JOHN PAUL DEJORIA BOTH RECRUIT OTHERS TO DO THEIR DIRTY WORK. Let’s see, so far, they along with criminal affiliates, have hacked my blog, terrorized, harassed, legally abused me, sent intimidating emails, corruptly used the courts, used family members: what could be next? Is John Paul DeJoria galvanizing his “GANG”/Hells Angels to come after me or my loved ones? He doesn’t do so with a computer. No. No. No. Do the two of them EVER consider doing the right thing? Lordy NO! Instead they recruit more and more men to come after TRACY ZONA, ME! Besides all the abuse, coercive control, fraud, and theft at the hands of my ex abuser, Richard Zona Jr. this gang has been at it full throttle for two years. My wish is all these recruited men and some women would say to these two lowly bastards “Do your own dirty work slimeballs as your taking down everyone with you.” (Incarceration has happened.)

***Could John Paul DeJoria be sending in an entire army against one woman, me, a domestic abuse SURVIVOR?

~ Rome – A Moroccan model who was reportedly a regular guest at sex parties hosted by former Itallian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – and was said to be writing a book about her experiences – may have been fatally poisoned, prosecutors said.~

Let’s just say since Mastronardi Produce is now an affiliate with John Paul DeJoria I will make certain I do not eat their tomatoes, cucumbers, or peppers!

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