Another Day – More Fraud and Abuse – Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman

Abuse Is Diabolical (The Devil)
March 12, 2019
John Paul DeJoria is “Revolutionizing” the Rotten Tomato
March 14, 2019
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Another Day – More Fraud and Abuse – Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman

Because my blog/diary is about FRAUD AND ABUSE….I have a BOOMING BLOG – IT’S EVERYWHERE! I wrote a book on Amazon about women exactly like these two wretches set in the affluent beachside town of Laguna Beach. It is fascinating to write about what men and women will do to continue their facades. I had a neighbor in Three Arch Bay, Laguna Beach, who had the police at her home, often, because her husband beat her. I asked her, once, why she stays and SHE TOLD ME SHE CAN’T LEAVE BECAUSE HER KIDS HAVE TO GROW UP IN THIS AFFLUENT ENCLAVE. (Read my book, as it is filled with women similar to these two.) The world is really gross right now. Just add Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman to the GANG of CELEBRITY and FORBES frauds……with John Paul DeJoria and the QUEEN OF FACADE his wife, eloise, and Michael Jackson. I know it all too well as I left a similar false and fraudulent life (until it was realized), riddled with abuse, and WALKED out the door. I say it’s high time to rip the masks off these soul selling assholes. I’m in a race against time and more obstacles from HELL than you can imagine to SAVE MY FAMILY. I guess Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman will hire the BEST lawyers, but we all know……YOUR FRAUDS AND YOUR KIDS ARE FAKES TOO. You’ve made your kids FRAUDS and I am fighting that sadly losing battle everyday.

~No wonder today’s generation is so removed, entitled, and difficult to discipline and educate. They learn the ropes and are taught by the parents to be cheaters and swindlers.
Parents, teach your children the human values of integrity, morals, and survival by working hard on your own merit. The rest will come for those who persevere and wait. Triumph will be theirs.~

***Speaking of FRAUDS has ANYONE seen my ex abusive husband and sicko CON Richard Zona Jr. who has spent the last thirteen years exposing our children to CRIMINAL FRAUD?

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