Coercive Control – Abuse Is In The News Everyday – Richard Zona Jr. PURE EVIL.
March 11, 2019
Another Day – More Fraud and Abuse – Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman
March 13, 2019
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Abuse Is Diabolical (The Devil)

Wade Cota has my vote on American Idol! Besides being extremely talented, with character, his survival along with his mothers at the hands of a diabolical abusive MONSTER, his father, is another abuse uplifting (you didn’t get us story). And again this week abuse tactics are being exposed. I cried when I heard it took his mother two years to escape because his father always kept one child with him to hold the family hostage. Wade suffered physical abuse which is horrific, but the ways and means of emotional abuse by abusers is DIABOLICAL. I remember once when I was escaping my monster, Richard Zona Jr., as he had FULL financial control over me, I literally begged him to give me my court appointed money to buy groceries for our children. This was in the beginning and I was ashamed to ask for help, I had my first part time job, in twenty years of control, and he HAD MY MONEY. He said ” Come with me Tracy, I WILL TAKE YOU TO THE GROCERY STORE, I will not give you your court appointed money to go by yourself, unless you have sex with me.” I agreed to go to the grocery store with him as my children’s lives in the midst of this abuse was hard enough, and I did not want them to be hungry. Richard Zona Jr. actually wanted them to be hungry so he could then say “Your mother is a worthless, slut bitch. Women are bitches.” But I went to the store with my MONSTER. His eyes were gleaming evil the entire time and everything I put in the cart, he took out. I watched as he enjoyed the display of diabolical power he had over me at that time. HE IS EVIL. I am a survivor and now it is the small things such as going to the grocery store, or writing in my abuse/blog diary, every night that I savor. And if that isn’t diabolical enough. After he left me he went to the rectory at St. Catherines Church in Laguna Beach. Yep Richard Zona Jr. would spend many an evening with the pedophile moving Orange County Monsignor, John Urell. I guess you would need to be there to know what the two were doing together so many nights a week? DIABOLICAL. Surviving abuse victories make me the happiest. I know what Wade Cota and his family overcame.
P.S. More attempts today to illegally hack into my blog in Thornhill, Canada. I have passed the IP address on to authorities. More of John Paul DeJoria and his gang trying to silence the TRUTH?

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