Coercive Control – Abuse Is In The News Everyday – Richard Zona Jr. PURE EVIL.

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March 10, 2019
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March 12, 2019
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Coercive Control – Abuse Is In The News Everyday – Richard Zona Jr. PURE EVIL.

Financial and coercive control is domestic abuse. The MONSTERS, R. Kelly and Richard Zona Jr., are one in the same. I spoke to legislators this year and I didn’t get much of a response. In fact Senator Jeff Stone’s office brushed me off. If I could change one law, in the arena of domestic abuse, it would be if these monsters missed ONE PAYMENT they would be picked up and thrown in jail. This is what happened to R. Kelly and (OH! GUESS WHAT!?) he paid it immediately to get out. In California the courts leave it up to the domestic abuse victim to collect THEIR OWN MONEY. Because of this victims of domestic abuse endure more abuse, and are sometimes killed, or end up in jail themselves in self defense. THESE MONSTERS want to kill us even if they do not do so physically. IT IS A LIFE LONG NIGHTMARE. RICHARD ZONA JR. needs to go to jail for the years of coercive control he has inflicted on my life. IT IS MY MONEY. IT HAS BEEN LEGALLY DEEMED SO. HE IS IN CONTEMPT OF COURT. Coercive control is found in 86% of reported domestic abuse cases.

****Speaking of Richard Zona Jr., I found out this weekend his EVIL puts OUR children in harms way. Richard Zona Jr. is using OUR children for the worst evil imaginable. As I told you I have been harassed, abused, (sexually, financially, and emotionally ), coercively controlled. terrorized, legally abused, and intimidated. HE HAS ENCOURAGED, TO HURT ME, OUR CHILDREN TO TAKE VACATIONS WITH A BIG TIME CRIME FAMILY. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD WANT HIS CHILDREN TO EVEN BE REMOTELY INVOLVED WITH A FAMILY OF CRIME? It’s the living nightmare that will never end as our children will end up in jail at the encouragement of their father Richard Zona Jr. As harrowing as my life is already, I am in a race against time……. GOD help us!

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