Accountability! I Want It! I Need It! I Deserve It!

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February 24, 2019
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February 27, 2019
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Accountability! I Want It! I Need It! I Deserve It!

I will not accept the fact, no matter what they say about narcissist abusers like my ex Richard Zona Jr., that accountability will never happen for all the abuse I have suffered. I do not care what narcissist abusers want. I’m on this earth to fight for the wrongs committed against me and other abuse victims until the end of time. Last week, someone wanted me to go away. I received an intimidating email but they must be clueless as to the pain of abuse and the extensive losses I have suffered. I do not just walk away. It will not go away. Accountability starts with Richard Zona Jr. and does not end with him, as John Paul DeJoria, and his criminal affiliates made nine months of my life, coordinated with Richard Zona Jr., a living nightmare. Such an evil group has come after me. And they do not stop. In my view they try to prove they are evil beyond all else. Not a one of them has any decency to do the right thing. Not a one. But I am still here… and I am still writing, in my diary everyday. I will keep you informed of the abuse entwined with crime as the group grows and changes, as some evil has lost, and been conquered. Every night I am so thankful that I am no longer “sleeping with an enemy.” Richard Zona Jr. made my nights before sleep a living hell. I wasn’t allowed to read a book, or watch a t.v. show, I was forced to have sex. Whether I wanted to or not. It was every night I dealt with a evil monster. And if I somehow escaped my fate….I was punished the next day. But today…. I write every night before I go to bed. It’s become a simple life pleasure, I love, beyond words. After I left and escaped a monster (Richard Zona Jr.) I never had to have forced sex, demanded sex, ever again. And that is not to say I turned my back on love….. no, no no. Ya know…I really need accountability from Richard Zona Jr. and every horrible human evil being that has helped him. I really do.

*** My blog has been shared around the world in A GRAND AVENUE. My posts, every one, are posted around the world within 24 hours of my postings. It’s happening, and I am smiling, but that is as much as I’m going to share for now. Evil will come at my accomplishment in full force. Too late! MY VOICE, MY NIGHT TIME WRITINGS, MY FREEDOM FROM ABUSE, IS BEING SHOUTED OUT AROUND THE WORLD.

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