Don’t Let Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria Bury You! ROKIT

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February 20, 2019
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Don’t Let Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria Bury You! ROKIT

LA DEE DA!:) MAJOR UPDATE: 7/28/2020

Let’s first talk about John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick’s THUG Michael Jones ROKIT. The one that went out of his way, to try to silence me, AGAIN, and sent me more HARASSING emails when he knows he is not to contact me. Well he could not help himself being an ego driven short psycho with a bad, bad, bad, receding hairline….just shave it already! Anyway, while trying so hard to silence me he gave up his address……17383 Sunset Blvd. a300. If you haven’t been able to play detective and google the address yet I will make it easy, it belongs to the ROKIT office….. From there you can take a look at the TWO DECREPID men that sent the THUG Michael Jones/ROKIT after me AGAIN. So I decided to have a bit o fun tonight since I am a FUN LADY! You see my team could see the cockroach Michael Jones/ROKIT going through my blog. He STOPPED AT THIS ONE. The next morning he did his THUG LIFE and tried his darndest to get this PARTICULAR blog down. Why this one? What is in this blog that the derelicts DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE? Why did John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, and the THUG Michael Jones want this BLOG IN PARTICULAR SILENCED? Well FOR FUN I AM REPOSTING IT………………TONIGHT!:) If you have any clues as to why please let me know!! Let’s play DETECTIVE! Have a FUN, FUN, EVENING!

I am working on finding out just who Jonathan Kendrick is?

My unexpected research on stock fraud, entwined with abuse in the last year and a half at times seems overwelming and never ending.

As a source on proton mail told me “John Paul DeJoria’s wheel of stock fraud is in continual motion.”

Since Virtual Piggy/REGO, Latitude Solutions, and Maghreb Petroleum has now been exposed as FRAUD it looks as though John Paul DeJoria has teamed up with the bloated Englishman Jonathan Kendrick.

I’m researching as fast as I can to get the information to you but here is my advice.


First of all as with all John Paul DeJoria’s other stock frauds it has already changed names.

Cyberfund, it once was, with not surprising Oklahoma connections.

And of course Cyberfund has already been involved in a lawsuit, which follows the pattern of all John Paul Dejoria’s stock frauds, Ashall Homes Limited V. Rok Entertainment Group.

And of course the pattern name change from Cyberfund to Rok. And then to ROKIT.

ROKIT has so many products, and I am just beginning my preliminary research but I gotta wonder if any of the products even exist?

As John Paul DeJoria has done before, raise funds for nothing, touting the benefit to the world,…oops investors YOUR MONEY IS GONE, so file a lawsuit!

John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick are trying to raise funds on ANYTHING ROKIT.

Here is my preliminary research with more to come.

These are the products claimed under ROKIT by this “WANKER” (my Irish friends told me that is what they call a fraud, a con) my best guess, Jonathan Kendrick.

Oval Vodka – Can’t buy it
Marula Oil – Don’t want it
ABK Beer – Lot’s of press releases but can not buy it.
Myrocknrolla – What the hell?
Bogarts Gin – I’d rather have a Botanist martini:)
Uisce Whiskey – Can’t buy it

And they will bury you for – $49.99

This is my personal opinion gained from experience and preliminary research on stocks affiliated with John Paul DeJoria.

His crime affiliates came after me for nine months straight, I know his associations are questionable, and I can not find anything about Jonathan Kendrick before ROKIT.

Except that he says he lost two fortunes, which two? A GLUTTON IN ALL ASPECTS…..

What has he been involved with before?

In his interviews he fully admits without a wife he is a bit of a mess. Delusional as he is a HOT FAT MESS. Even with a wife…..

My guess is this wife takes FULL ADVANTAGE of that?

I believe the “WANKER” Jonathon Kendrick is drinking and bloated from his own product…..if it exists at all?

More research to come! My vacation begins today:)

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