A Woman of Truth Upsets A World of Men – Good Lord

Integrity – Finally – I Met It Today
February 14, 2019
Strange Coincidences? Intimidation? John Paul DeJoria? Work On You!
February 19, 2019
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A Woman of Truth Upsets A World of Men – Good Lord

Intimidation! Degradation! That is how the crime affiliates that are connected to my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. thrive: CRIMINALS CONNECTED TO RICHARD ZONA Jr. and JOHN PAUL DEJORIA (they feel power degrading me, very sick)! ” I know where you live.” “I know you have a dog.” “I know who your friends are.” “Your retarded” “You must smoke crack.” “You need help.” “You must not have any teeth.” “Drive by your house” Did I expect a class act after having dealt with this crime wave for thirteen years? Absolutely not. Did I expect anyone of them to do the right thing? Absolutely not. Why am I so mean? I am not mean at all. But then again it’s not often people live a life of domestic abuse and coercive control as long as mine. Entwined with crime. And the flying monkeys keep coming after me for Richard Zona Jr. They just keep coming. Be careful……some have met their fate. I already went through nine months of intimidation and fear. Been there, done that. AND the legal abuse tactic has been used up too! I filed a criminal complaint in Riverside County the last time. (Not so long ago) And my footprints are all over the WORLD! Today my blog was up 246.6%! And as for my amazing friends they support me BIGTIME! I am grateful for you brat pack and I love you.

*This is my DAILY diary of domestic abuse and a lifetime of horror if you miss the red flags CAUTION!
*Does ANYONE know where tiny Richard Zona Jr. is with my legal judgement money, the money he stole, my marital home that he committed fraud and forgery to steal, my jewelry, and my car?
*He has sent 13 years worth of flying monkeys. ENOUGH!
*DO NOT DRINK BOGARTS GIN AS IT IS POISON FOR YOUR SOUL! (Another waste product of John Paul Dejoria’s) Waste=CRAP

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