John Paul DeJoria’s Flying Monkey Exposed! BULLSHIT!

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February 12, 2019
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February 14, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria’s Flying Monkey Exposed! BULLSHIT!

What a day! This morning I had a visitor that gave me an endearing compliment. They said ” Tracy you are infectious. You are a person everyone looks to for light. Your balanced, your happy, and GOD YOUR FUN!” It was truly a magnificent way to begin a day knowing your strength has impacted another so positively. And then…I opened my blog emails after 78 times today someone tried to get into my website. (IT HAS BEEN HACKED ONCE ALREADY BY THE CRIME WAVE). I came across an email that I responded to. I am certain it comes from one of John Paul DeJoria’s flying monkeys. And my guess is it came from Jonathon Kendrick himself as he didn’t , or they didn’t, even have the balls to state whom they really are. In case you missed the exchange:

“Why are u so Sad in your life. This man is an amazing man who saved my family when we had nowhere to live or eat. You should be a ashamed of yourself Tracy. You need help.”

And I replied:
“Do I Mr. King? NO. I do not need HELP. Your obviously a flying monkey for a crime wave. Ashamed of myself? I am proud of myself. I have survived extreme domestic abuse, theft, forgery and fraud at the hands of these men. After all of that, I had John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates harass and terrorize me for nine months straight. Prison for some, thus far, (will there be more?) has been included. Be careful….NOW you owe them. Do your research as I have done mine and I am NOT THE ONLY WOMAN that has been terrorized by this crime wave of stock frauders. (Carly Singer/ Latitude Solutions) AND I am not SAD….in fact I am one of the happiest and FUN people you will ever meet. But what happened to me at the hands of those that BOUGHT you should happen to no one. I’m making sure it is out there for the world TO SEE. The fraudsters insure Robin Hood FAKE stories just like yours and or it is easy to give money away when you steal it. Your story of goodness is laughable. (You should expose who you really are?) I’ll bet your Jonathon Kendrick himself! Full of bullshit….. Please read the lawsuit Latitude Solutions/Carey Ebert and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions and then respond back and apologize to me. “BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER”

Just another one jumping on the abuse train for my ex Richard Zona Jr. Attempting to silence me with guilt mongering so more victims of fraud could be had. Continued denigration of me because I am strong enough to stand up to the fraud billionaires boy’s club. Just to repeat I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. With my abusive ex husband. Richard Zona Jr., controlling the strings I have survived, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, theft of everything I worked for fifteen years, fraud, forgery, my car stolen, my jewelry stolen, nine months of terror and harassment, my blog hacked, and I was discarded worse than Sharon Stone in “Casino.”

I believe since Wolverhampton England, where Jonathon Kendrick resides, and the Bee Cave, Texas, where John Paul DeJoria resides, were on my blog today….. this comment came from one of them. Sorry boys….. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! NAUGHTY BUT TRUTHFUL!

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