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February 3, 2019
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February 6, 2019
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What a mess Fox News Maria Bartimoro is! I’m not sure which newscaster is full of more smelly gas, Maria Bartimoro, or Olga Campos Benz? I do know this….John Paul DeJoria did this interview with Maria Bartimoro last Friday and I believe it to be very telling. HMMMM….why is he talking about “someone doing something illegal to be a billionaire, “or maybe they stole it?” Is that what you did John Paul DeJoria with Virtual Piggy/REGO, Latitude Solutions, Five Star Entertainment, Moroccan Fiasco Oil Deal, Nordaq, and on and on? I mean…even El Chapo believes himself to be Robin Hood. Oh! Poor John Paul Dejoria does not like the way t.v. portrays billionaires. Just for the record, jealous, no. NOT ON YOUR LIFE! I was raised in a nearly perfect, happy, loving, childhood. I had all the luxuries during my abusive marriage. The luxuries, meant not a thing. I have had all the non material wonderful aspects of LIFE! No jealousy…. But I am mad. Furious! And I should be. For nine months I was terrorized, legally abused, harassed, and victimized by John Paul DeJoria’s affiliates in Virtual Piggy/REGO and Latitude Solutions. And I’m not the only one. So was Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions. Today, 120 times, someone other than myself tried to log into my blog. My blog was hacked on Christmas Eve 2017 by someone in Ardmore, Pa attempting to silence me. A woman of TRUTH, me, can set off a world of men! Thank you for reading today, Bee Cave, Texas, Youngstown, Ohio, Texarakana, Arkansas, Newark, Delaware, Munich, Bavaria, Memphis, TN., Chicora Pa, Chicago, Il, Monroe Township, N.J., and Millbury Ma. to name just a few. HAPPY MONDAY!

~John Paul DeJoria can’t believe that “billionaire” has been turned into a dirty word. But are Democrats, who are targeting America’s wealthiest with higher taxes, really to blame? “It blows me away — it’s not Democrats,” DeJoria told FOX Business on Maria Bartiromo’s” show on Friday, “It’s other people out there.”DeJoria, who founded high-end tequila company Patron Spirits and co-founded hair company John Paul Mitchell Systems, has a net worth of $2.6 billion, and said jealously could be liable.

“Maybe it’s because they weren’t able to achieve the American dream and become a billionaire,” he said. “I mean over a million is past the American dream.

They think well they had to do something illegal to do that. Maybe they stole from somebody they don’t know.”

But he is also placing fault on the small screen.

“A lot of things on television don’t show the good billionaires.”~

As my sources on Proton mail said: “John Paul DeJoria and his wife eloise believe themselves to be insulated.” And more……..

Where is my ex abuser husband Richard Zona Jr, that conspired with the CRIME affiliates of John Paul DeJoria’s, to continue coercive control abuse, harassment, and terror of me?

*Maria Bartimoro said “she has followed the career of John Paul DeJoria but she failed to mention ANY of the above.

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