Intriquing Conversation…. AND ITALY!

Marriage Counseling With Psycho Abuser Richard Zona Jr.
February 2, 2019
February 5, 2019
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Intriquing Conversation…. AND ITALY!

I was having a conversation with the screenwriter last night when a tough as nails man became part of our conversation. He overheard details of my story and he had an opinion. He said “I was too trusting of my abusive ex husband, Richard Zona Jr. and he trusts no one.” I said ” I was raised to believe you were supposed to be able to trust your husband.” And then he said “look what happened to you, he fucked you over.” He continued “If someone would have tried to do to me, what happened to you, I’d put a shotgun in their mouth and they would know what they need to do to correct the situation, very fast.” Now if I were a man instead of a woman I may just get away with that. Maybe. BUT I AM A WOMAN AND I HAVE NO RECOURSE. My blog of truth is enough to upset abusive men and in my case, men entwined with abuse, fraud, and crime. NO, NO, NO. I know all about domestic abuse as I have suffered it hands on. Too many tragic instances for victims of domestic abuse occur because they can not get the help they need, and fight back in this manner. DO NOT DO IT. IF YOU END UP IN JAIL IT WILL MAKE YOUR ABUSER HAPPY. (domestic abuse is sick):

~Years after she killed Jimmy, Tanya Mitchell continued to dream of her abusive husband. Though the two-decade nightmare of beatings and threats to family and friends who tried to protect her ended with his death, she went from feeling like a captive to a terrible relationship to doing time in a Missouri state prison. Though women commit murder far less often than men, they typically receive longer sentences for killing their male partners than do men who kill female partners, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. While these women average 15-year sentences, men’s sentences are between two and six years.Roughly 90 percent of women behind bars for killing men were physically abused by their victims, according to the Purple Berets, a California-based organization that advocates for equal justice for women. Part of the disparity in sentence lengths has to do with women being more likely to kill with weapons, bringing harsher sentences than a homicide caused by beating or strangulation might.“For a lot of women who do ultimately kill their abusive partners, it’s a last-gasp effort,” Robert Knechtel, chief operating officer of the Arizona-based Sojourner Center, one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the country, told TakePart. “Many women at the shelter don’t have the financial means to move out of the state and have an either neutral or negative relationship with the police.”One domestic violence shelter that Mitchell sought refuge in told her she had to go elsewhere, after Jimmy and his friends (abusers always have flying monkeys) repeatedly threatened it. Her husband’s ties to local law enforcement, she said, made it impossible for her to seek help and left her feeling like she had no legal recourse.“Oh lord, I couldn’t even count how many times I tried to leave,” Many battered women are afraid to call the police because a domestic-disturbance drop-in can escalate a dangerous situation. Even a protective order from a court offers little aid: “It’s just a piece of paper, really. It’s not going to stop a bullet,” Knechtel said. When battered women do call the police, it doesn’t always help. Studies have found that in 85 percent of domestic homicide cases, police were called by the abused woman at least once before the killing occurred, while in half they were called at least five times, according to a study conducted in Detroit and Kansas City by the Police Foundation.~

*Interesting that after I blogged about John Paul DeJoria and the Sicilians, Italy has been blowing up my blog. Last night at midnight someone in Milan was reading my blog page by page. And someone in Corato, Italy was trying like hell to log into my blog. I am not sure how John Paul DeJoria gets his message out? He claims he uses no computers or emails. OF COURSE NOT, AS HE DOESN’T WANT HIS COMMUNICATIONS TRACKED. (Maybe he uses PROTON MAIL as some of my sources have) I WONDER IF HE IS ATTEMPTING TO PILE MORE MEN ON TO COME AFTER ME? IT IS AN ARMY OF VERY BAD MEN AGAINST MY BLOG. (Abuse,crime,fraud)

***Thanks for reading my blog. Fontana, CA., Austin, TX, Laguna Beach, CA, San Juan Capistrano (where’s my car?)

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