To Dublin And Back! We Had a Ball…….

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January 25, 2019
John Paul DeJoria and eloise and Bob and jeri Shapiro – POWER COUPLE FRAUDS
January 29, 2019
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To Dublin And Back! We Had a Ball…….

I count my blessings every single day. All the while attempting to change the world for the better. My life….the ONE I SOLELY REBUILT FROM ABUSE is mine. I live by my RULES. No one defines me. When you leave a narcissistic abuser like I left Richard Zona Jr.: they try to define you. First, they use GUILT as a tool for manipulation. (They are evil and you are not: sometimes it works) Then they assassinate your character. All the while trying to kill you or trying to kill you without killing you. (Which is what happened to me with all his criminal affiliates) Richard Zona Jr. ran through Laguna Beach like a tasmanian devil spouting lie after lie after lie. He was the one having affairs with men (even a pedophile moving priest Msgr. John Urell) and women, impregnating women, had friendships and more for years with criminal affiliations, committed fraud on numerous occasions, and was born to a family of cons. He was the terrifying abuser in our home. But yet…he tried like hell to define me when I finally had enough STRENGTH to leave. She’s a “slut”. She’s “crazy.” “She will marry an old man to take care of her.” (He told Hillery Hillerman). WRONG. I said nothing at the time for the sake of all our lives. I did not fight back. I admire my own intelligence as the women that fight back end up in jail at the hands of abusive men. THE ABUSER WANTS TO BRING YOU DOWN TO THE LOWEST LEVEL OF HUMANITY. I took the hits for thirteen years, silently. BUT NO MORE! The world NOW knows JUST HOW EVIL Richard Zona Jr is. You have a few stragglers, desperate stragglers. But the TRUTH has come full circle. Welcome Rotterdam Netherlands and thank you for reading my blog page by page! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mine is off to the races…………… THANK YOU BRAT PACK, MY FRIENDS. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. I have SO MUCH LOVE IN MY HEART FOR YOU. (Dublin and back, LOL) We rock!

To those of you that jumped on Richard Zona Jr’s. abuse train. Your soulless and victims too.
** This is my diary on domestic abuse which lasts a lifetime and my own journey.
** I’ll betcha John Paul DeJoria is working fervently to take down my blog. So he can continue FRAUD and never make amends to his victims. HE DOES NOT WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW! DON’T LET JOHN PAUL DEJORIA BUY YOUR SOUL. And control the TRUTH as it is FINALLY being told.
** Thanks to my avid reader who emailed me and let me know that men that abuse WOMEN and children suffer a hard consequence in prison.

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