Coercive Control – You Basically Live In Constant Fear

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January 13, 2019
The “Gangmember,” John Paul Dejoria, and the “Shill”, Stephen P. Harrington
January 16, 2019
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Coercive Control – You Basically Live In Constant Fear

Intimate partner violence isn’t always physical violence. Controlling behavior can have negative impacts on relationships too. (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs graphic)

Ever since I was 19 years old I have lived with some form of coercive control at the hands of Richard Zona Jr. Coercive control was brought to light in the series ” Dirty John”. Watching “Dirty John ” was an explanation and a relive of many years of my life with Richard Zona Jr. John Meehan and Richard Zona Jr. had so many similarities. Drug use. Conning families. His mothers family (Barbara LoRusso Zona) the LoRussos were constantly scamming from insurance frauds at UMass Medical, (Tony Lorusso ), to Barbara’s constant means for money, she was constantly trying to take her daughter in laws’ (not just me) money, and Peter Lorusso being fired from his exec job at a hotel in Anaheim, for using hotel funds to redo his back yard. The Lorusso’s always had a scam. John Meehan has used multiple social security numbers. So has Richard Zona Jr. John Meehan videotaped his wife’s every move, ALL my phone calls were taped. I was financially abused and sexually abused every single day. I was not allowed to say no to sex or I would be punished. John Meehan and Richard Zona Jr. were both charmers. To this day Richard Zona Jr. is the only human evil being I know who could punch a hole in the wall, run to church to meet and greet parishioners and be Msgr. Urell’s hostess with the mostest, and then under his breath in a devil voice say to me “where the fuck were you?”, in Catholic Mass, because I was 5 minutes late. John Meehan and Richard Zona Jr. always knew what you were doing before you did it. And in my life, just as in Debra Newell’s, the police told her they could not help her, even after he burned her car. (Mine was taken in the middle of the night by Richard Zona’s (Jr) brother in law FELON CHARGED, John Paradise.) Oh! And Judges in Orange County did not protect her either. She tried to get a restraining order against him and a Judge denied her. UNREAL! That Judge should lose his/her career. His ex wife Tonia Bales said ” He was terrible to me, did awful things to me. He stole a huge part of the best years of my life. She opened up about how blindsided she felt after learning Dirty John had impregnated another woman. (ME TOO with Richard Zona Jr. ) And had a phone conversation saying he was taking the girls away and hinted that he may kill her.” Richard Zona Jr. last words to me were “you are going to die without me.” The fear and struggle to survive under a coercive controlling abuser is horrifying and constant. I am still living it.
* Hi Philadelphia! I will be writing about the stock (fraud?) relationship between John Paul DeJoria and Stephen P. Harrington (SPH Investments) either tomorrow or Wednesday. Stay tuned.
** I received a strange phone communication today…….hmmmmm….someone is up to no good. Reported.

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