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January 8, 2019
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January 10, 2019
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Once Upon A Time…..

I was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of my ex husband Richard Zona Jr., He financially controlled me, taped all my phone calls for years, forced sexual abuse “everyday” as instructed, (even when I had the stomach flu), forbade me from reading a book in bed, tried to run me over with his SUV on Mother’s Day, punched holes in walls over mismatched socks, had affairs with men and women, including a whispered about pedophile moving priest (Monsignor Urell), filled our home with fear so NOT to say No to him, left me on a dark corner in Boston at 4 a.m. in the dark with two children under five, without money, I could go on forever. When I left without preparation which I now know is unwise, maybe, I saved my life, he imploded. He tried to kill me without killing me. He sold and stole our marital home without my knowledge, he likely committed illegal fraud. He fraudulently signed my name OFF our Florida business. He stole my jewelry. He had my car taken in the middle of the night by his ruthless felon charged brother in law John Paradise/ Paradise Automotive group. And the nightmares of all nightmares held my court ordered money, which he still has today, to use as more sexual abuse tactics for years. I have flashbacks from those five to six years after I left that the abuse was monstrous and nightmarish beyond belief. While I was rebuilding my life I was told “I am stupid for not having wifi” from someone that watched the abuse of me and continued it at every opportunity as I was suffering double, triple, quadruple abuse by my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. and his flying monkeys. Well….I’m not so stupid. I have wifi! I have a worldwide read website! I have a book on Amazon. I have 10,000 twitter followers. I am in touch with abuse victims around the world. We are linked. I survived a crime wave, inspired by Richard Zona Jr. for nine months of 2017. Some of that outcome is quite impressive and hopefully not finished. I exposed MAJOR stock fraud and the criminal wave associated with Richard Zona Jr. for 30 years. I have a script, podcast, and series or movie, all …..shhh! And I have left my footprints, to save myself from corruption, abuse, and crime, on this worldly internet…. an abuse survivor, to “stupid to have wifi!” I WILL ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH ON THIS BLOG. Here is the TRUTH. It is not EVER easy to leave domestic abuse BUT YOU CAN DO IT. You are for the most part alone and on your own. Law enforcement, most DA’s, and Judges all look the other way. Unless you die. Let NO ONE STOP YOU. Tell your story anyway you can. Get it out there!
***GOOD NEWS, although later than it should be, as too many abuse victims exist, R KELLY IS BEING INVESTIGATED, because his monstrous story was told and heard. For years it was silenced.
***Attempting to log into MY blog again today failed. Everyday someone is attempting to hack it.
****West Covina I acknowledge you to be a frequent visitor to my website.

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