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January 6, 2019
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January 9, 2019
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Late Night Arkansas….

Yep! Last night, late in Arkansas, a certain someone, was reading my blog. The reader was reading about my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. You know, the lying, narcissist, toxic tiny abusive man that has enlisted and brought down many flying monkeys. God forbid, I do need help getting back all the tiny man (Richard Zona Jr.) stole from the mother of his children (me)…..car, marital home, money, jewelry, contempt of court…..he is a “Dirty John.” He will lie, lie, lie…then RUN AND HIDE. Maybe LATE NIGHT ARKANSAS can find him because I can’t? In the meantime many are STILL trying to log in to my blog, (to hack it AGAIN?)….so many want it down. THE TRUTH HURTS, CRIME WAVE.

*** On a Happy Note it is my birthday today and I received more GORGEOUS flowers, and so many Birthday wishes from, so many. I am so grateful for the amazing people that fill my life with happiness, joy, love, caring, and compassion..

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