A Crime Wave Came Through – Two Judges Jumped on The Wave

Held For Ransom and Sex by Abuser Richard Zona Jr.
December 12, 2018
Coincidental? And John Paul DeJoria
December 14, 2018
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A Crime Wave Came Through – Two Judges Jumped on The Wave

A crime wave came through my town and it was after me. I have no resources other than my blog that has told my true story, cemented my footprints, and who knows…..saved my life? But while that wave came crashing through, TWO JUDGES jumped on the crime wave, as if that’s all I needed. One judge did not suffice for this powerful and wealthy crime wave as they wanted TWO. BOTH WERE TOLD REPEATEDLY THIS WAS A CRIME WAVE. THIS WAS A SET UP. Both judges KNEW and to both…..it did not matter. One said ” I don’t care, I NEVER want to see you again, LADY.” Your not Erin Brockovich, that was a movie ” with a ridiculing, disrespectful, laugh. (ERIN BROCKOVICH WAS A REAL PERSON EXPOSING CORRUPTION ) So as to threaten me in a court of law that I better NOT BE BACK. And the other said “Did you get that blog down?” Aren’t judges supposed to know about the law and the first amendment? The TWO JUDGES with the rest of the crime wave wanted me silenced. This crime wave did not get the MEMO: Richard Zona (Jr.) had gotten away with abusing me for double digits years. He signed my name off our businesses, sold my marital home without my knowledge, had my car taken in the middle of the night, and stole and sold my jewelry, and holds my money illegally today. But that was before and this is now, CRIME WAVE. I AM AN ABUSE SURVIVOR AND THE ABUSE OF ME STOPPED THE DAY I WALKED OUT THAT DOOR.
**** HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK SINATRA – “I faced it all and I stood tall, I DID IT MY WAY. To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels” CHEERS!

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m improving myself. I absolutely love reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the tips coming. I enjoyed it!

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