I Filed A Criminal Complaint Last Week Against Multiple People (7)- DA Mike Hestrin

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December 8, 2018
Held For Ransom and Sex by Abuser Richard Zona Jr.
December 12, 2018
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I Filed A Criminal Complaint Last Week Against Multiple People (7)- DA Mike Hestrin

I should have been protected against criminal enterprise and corruption in Riverside County courts, that’s justice, instead, as hard and as terrorizing as my life became for doing the right thing, I was punished by TWO judges. Both judges were told the truth. Both judges made an educated and legal (? wtf) decision to side with criminal enterprise and corruptly shut down my voice. Everything about what happened to me stinks of MAJOR corruption. And MAJOR CORRUPTION has occurred with this enterprise before. Oh, the things that have happened. Eugene Volokh UCLA law professor had a hell of a time trying to get my transcripts as he was told by Palm Springs Courthouse clerks “my case was sealed”. It took many hours of his unpaid time, grateful Eugene, to get it squared away as they were not sealed. Amy DiPierro, a Desert Sun reporter was told “that case is sealed.” What are they hiding as it is blatantly obvious. Then just last week I called for my transcripts and was thinly threatened by a Palm Springs Courthouse clerk ” that I better not be calling there if my intentions are to file a criminal complaint.” She then refused to answer my calls. I have that legal RIGHT, CLERK. I have that legal RIGHT. I wish all my readers would call and request the public transcripts of what happened to me in both courts in Indio and Palm Springs, at the hands of a criminal enterprise, as I honestly believe your hearts would break. You would read the PAIN I have been through leaving a marriage of domestic abuse and those involved with the master abuser Richard Zona (Jr.). READ THE TRANSCRIPTS OF WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. THE HEARTBREAKING EMAILS THAT THE JUDGE disregarded after she was truthfully told I was set up. Obstruction of justice, constitutional rights violated, legal due process violated, forbidden prior restraint issued, and oath of office violated all are CRIMES and corruption occurred in Riverside County, Ca. It’s time DA Mike Hestrin to clean up these courts. I have received email after email and researched extensively very bad, corrupt, non justice, illegal happenings within this court system. And the clerks NEED FIRED. My case is only ONE! Take a look at the YELP review on the Palm Springs Courthouse. Jack M.:
Palm Springs Superior Court house and those who lead it make a mockery out of the justice system. For many years there have only been two judges in the civil division. Corruption runs amuck. Lawyer’s relationships with judges which create rampant bias rulings to the clerks and their relationships with certain lawyers breeds a dirty courthouse with many players with unclean hands. It is organized crime.
I was just disrespected by staff because my harassers letizia Guerrero and Angelica Guerrero have siblings working at this courthouse I’ve been harassed stalked annoyed threatened and letizia Guerrero continues to impersonate me in order to obtain personal information so who do you go to wen law refuses to help! When there is children involved being hurt by this type of individuals who would do anything to get what they want without caring for other children
Cassie: Scary
It’s time DA Mike Hestrin….it’s time. Thank you.


  1. Tracy Zona says:

    Corruption in the courts is rampant, however, I am beginning to see signs of change. You should report your matter to the FBI….”Legal Gangsters” unfortunately, is accurate. My civil rights have been violated as well…..

  2. David cooper says:

    The district attorney office, Seth Dumachel and the public defender office, Brianne King are working with judges in Banning to have court cases that the district attorney has no evidence. So they take the cases to judges who allow public defender to waive the defendants rights and forfeited all my evidence so the district attorney can convict innocent defendants of felonies, I just lived through it, what a corrupt court

    • Tracy Zona says:

      David…. I do not know your circumstances but I do know the court is corrupt. (I lived through it) Write the United States DOJ, Bill Barr with details of your rights being violated and court corruption. I am getting hundreds of emails just like yours. Or contact the FBI.

  3. Barry says:

    What happened with your complaint filing? Did the DA help? I had a horrible experience with PS SUPERIOR COURT. I got unlucky with a couple of dirty lawyers I hired who ended up just taking my money, not doing their jobs, and violating rules of conduct. I did file a complaint on one of the lawyers with the state bar. But the judge saw the blatant misconduct of my lawyer and did not do his duty to report the lawyer’s misconduct. The judge helped cover-up the actions and abuse of the lawyers who became in cahoots with the opposing lawyer.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am very sorry. It is CORRUPTION to the first degree at Palm Springs courthouse. I hope it wasn’t Judge Kira Klatchko, as she SERVES CRIMINALS/CORRUPTION. The WHOLE courtroom is in it together. So far, nothing, although I have sent it all to the DOJ/William Barr, and the FBI was looking into it all. I would send a complaint to the DOJ as they are aware of courtroom corruption.

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