Tragically, Sadly, Sometimes, Your Dad Is Not Your Best Friend
December 6, 2018
Thank You, From My Heart – NINE LIVES
December 8, 2018
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Trust me, when I tell you the world can CELEBRATE tonight. I will be! Along with the amazing loving, caring, good, FUN people in my life. EV..ER..Y once in awhile GOOD prevails over EVIL. TODAY, for now it did. HALLELUJAH! Let’s enjoy the win. Come dance with me! Ha! Scroll down….more after the DANCE VIDEO!

Flashback to HOLIDAY: Lets Have One Today:
Let love shine
And we will find
A way to come together
And makes things better!

Enjoy the party Somerville, Ma and Gladwyne, Pa. You “didn’t care about my last thirteen years” of abuse and theft and I don’t really care about the REST of your years either. (So quickly to visit my website) But hey! What do ya think? Will Richard Zona (Jr.) EVER do the right thing (?)………….he’s not living in a trailer park…liars.
And tomorrow there is much more work to do to rid the world of EVIL.

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