Tragically, Sadly, Sometimes, Your Dad Is Not Your Best Friend

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December 5, 2018
December 7, 2018
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Tragically, Sadly, Sometimes, Your Dad Is Not Your Best Friend

I was watching Ray Donovan the other night and sometimes t.v. does emulate real life. A scene saddened me immensely as Bungy’s Dad convinced him to rob people on a bus with him and then his son one upped him and robbed a more profitable source. As they drove away successful in crime, Mick, Bungy’s dad, gleefully said “we are a team son, we are a team!” These true stories happen all the time. Recruiting family for crime happens more often than anyone would want to think. Of course, these narcissistic crime family stories trouble me. I’d do just about anything to stop this course. It is abuse for a parent to enlist his children in this way of life. After Ray Donovan I watched “Dirty John” as I know how Debra Newell must feel and how we both were swept in with a sick narcissist. The aftermath is horrendous and I hope her and her daughters are recovering. Unlike Ray Donovan, Dirty John is a true story like mine. It didn’t surprise me to read that John Meehan’s(/Dirty John) father taught him to be the CREEP he was.

~Ask John Meehan’s (DIRTY JOHN) sisters how he became the man who conned his way into Debra Newell’s life — ask them where his story begins — and they point to their father. Their Brooklyn-raised dad ran the Diamond Wheel Casino in San Jose, and imparted to John a series of illicit skills, like how to pull off bogus lawsuits and insurance scams. “How to lie,” said one sister, Donna Meehan Stewart. “How to deceive.” “I think John thought he was smarter than everybody else, because everybody told him he was, but he had no common sense,” Karen said. “He was taught to manipulate at a very early age. “That’s the fault of my dad. Because that’s all my dad taught him.”~

Recruitment happens in families of mafia as well. Everyone in the family must participate in darkness and crime, or else, often you are murdered. Today, 90 arrests took place in Italy within the Cosa Nostra and Ndrangheta mafia crime organizations, that kill their own daughters and sons. By the way welcome to my blog TODAY…Rome, Catania Sicily, and Quebec City.

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