ROKIT – John Paul DeJoria and eloise CONSTANT Promoters of Fraud

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November 29, 2018
Karen Poindexter – Richard Zona ( Jr.)’s Florida Flying Monkey
November 30, 2018
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ROKIT – John Paul DeJoria and eloise CONSTANT Promoters of Fraud

At this point it can be written that John Paul DeJoria and eloise, purposely uncapitalized, are constant promoters of fraud. And when you expose them they may send a legal gang squad to do you in. It happened to me in Riverside County, Ca. and it happened to Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions in Florida. JOHN PAUL DEJORIA IS ONE FORBES FRILLIONAIRE FRAUDSTER. THE FAKE NEWS AND PRESS have helped create a false image of this charlatan duo. Here we go again, ROKIT! A reliable, very reliable source said, “the fraud wheel keeps churning and churning, new frauds are created constantly. It is a “failure by design team ” churning wheel.” I hope your gang, “GANGMEMBER”, doesn’t try to run through Riverside County, CA again? I hope you don’t to try to take me in the middle of the night like Carly Singer with Latitude Solutions? Ya know… Latitude Solutions in Texas and the legal case that found John Paul DeJoria to be a FRAUD. Is this fraudster trying real hard to make up that 12 million in cash a Texas judge made him walk into a Texas court this year with Rokit and Veecon Rok? Yep! John Paul DeJoria lost some skin with Latitude Solutions! That’s not the way this CONSTANT fraud game is supposed to work. Welcome back Pennsylvania, Conshohoken, Gladwyn, and Philadelphia, and West Covina, Ca. as my blog is blowing up again. And last but not least to Ninja, in Morocco and India, quit trying to sign into my WEBSITE!

*Nordaq, Latitude Solutions, Virtual Piggy, Moroccan oil deal, Five Star Entertainment, and MORE.

*** All legal, law enforcement, and press is AWARE of the terrorization and legal abuse of me for nine months. All is aware of the Carly Singer/ Latitude Solutions corruption capabilities. (Rights violated without due process, denied an attorney against a TEAM OF HIGHLY PAID ATTORNEYS, forbidden prior restraint issued)

*** Another update… domestic abuser, con, thief Richard Zona (Jr.) has been found living in the Bluffs in Jupiter Florida. Hmmmm, he doesn’t live in a trailer as reported by a liar! He lives in a half a million dollar home he paid cash for, without a job mind you, and paid cash for a $200,000 dollar remodel. He fled California…..I wonder why? I wonder if he has any post office boxes Patricia Meyers Zona isn’t aware of? Or gay lovers? I’m glad my name isn’t on that house! It very well could be a HOUSE OF CARDS. Sometimes they all fall down.

**** All that money cash, on a new house, so when life long domestic abuser Richard Zona (Jr.) tells all the flying monkeys he recruits he CAN’T GIVE ME, the mother of his children, her stolen and judgement owed money, the world knows HE IS LYING.

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