Karen Poindexter – Richard Zona ( Jr.)’s Florida Flying Monkey

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November 30, 2018
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Karen Poindexter – Richard Zona ( Jr.)’s Florida Flying Monkey

UPDATE: 11/24/2019 I was provided the information that Karen Poindexter’s nickname is RHINO. Ironically it was my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. that provided the nickname that STUCK. Denigrating women is what Richard Zona Jr. does best…. But yet, Karen Poindexter remains his flying monkey because she thinks she and Bobby(carrot), oh boy, can make a dime from him.

Nothing is worse than a woman that aids a domestic abusive man. In the unfortunate world of domestic abuse the term “Flying Monkey” is appropriate. Karen Poindexter has chosen to protect, lie, and keep secrets for a man, (Richard Zona Jr.) that commits fraud, abuses, cons, and has fled California due to his criminal liasons. Karen Poindexter is married to Robert (Bob) Lynch who has been childhood friends of Richard Zona (Jr.) for thirty plus years. (More on Bob later). These two HORRIBLE people have harbored Richard Zona (JR.) and his current whereabouts, down the street from them in Florida, since May. It was supposed to be a group of flying monkeys keeping a secret from me, the victim of extreme abuse and theft. I believe that was a bad choice for the heavy set Karen Poindexter. She is a woman and it is WRONG and possibly criminal. In fact it is not the first time Karen Poindexter has chosen to work for a bad bad man. Karen Poindexter gets what she can out of it. Plus, she made money off the secret which belongs to me and one of the reasons Richard Zona (Jr.) had to flee. It’s not the first bad, criminal man Karen Poindexter has cozied up to:

~Poindexter left Reynolds’ company to open a 900-seat theater in a Miami Beach hotel for Abe Hirschfeld, an eccentric real estate magnate who was convicted in 2000 of trying to hire a hit man to kill his business partner. Their producing partnership continued for several years, spanning film and theater. At Hirschfeld’s theater, Poindexter produced well-known shows featuring familiar names, including Anything Goes with Bebe Neuwirth and Marilyn McCoo, and Oliver starring Davy Jones. She also programmed original musicals, such as a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera created by Lawrence Rosen, Paul Schierhorn and Bruce Falstein. The new musical The Prince of Central Park played at Hirschfeld’s theater before it transferred to Broadway in 1989. The production, which Hirschfeld and Jan McArt produced and Poindexter executive produced, closed after four performances.
Ticket sales at Hirschfeld’s theater were erratic, according to a 1990 Sun-Sentinel report. Hirschfeld quarreled with Miami Beach officials over alleged code violations. He pulled the plug on the theater in April 1990, after less than two years in business. Poindexter and Hirschfeld teamed up again in 1993 for a 25th anniversary revival of Hair at the Old Vic in London. According to a 2005 story in The Guardian, the show bombed. Poindexter’s most recent gig as a theater operator began in 1999, when Frank Sugrue tapped her to be the executive producer of the 377-seat Clematis Street Theatre in West Palm Beach after he and landlord Bob Cuillo took over the space from the failed Burt Reynolds Institute for Theatre Training. The theater mounted just one independent production during its 18-month life, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, and never put together a subscription series. The Cline show ran for six months, even though it didn’t make money, simply to keep the doors open, Poindexter told The Palm Beach Post in November 1999. The theater tried to fill the gaps with rental productions, which frequently weren’t profitable or canceled because of slow ticket sales.
When Gail Shank, who later became the venue’s executive director, started working at the theater in November 1999, “It was crazy,” she said. “All these people were spending money, whose money they didn’t care. There was not a lot going on. It was chaos.”

Karen Poindexter your secret is out…….knock yourself out. The world now knows, my readership is around the world, the men you align yourself with to get what you can get. GROSS HUMAN BEHAVIOR

I sure know the MONSTER I married I predicted three blogs ago he was fast at work recruiting more flying monkeys.

This is my ongoing diary of an entire lifetime of domestic abuse.

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