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November 25, 2018
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November 29, 2018
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Honestly, I am sorry to bother you as I know you have a full plate. I have waited over twenty years to speak out. I married my first boyfriend a long time ago. He was not physically abusive but horrifically abusive sexually, financially, and emotionally. I was with him over twenty years. Marrying an abusive man has affected my entire life, negatively, since I met him, at 20 years old. Because I began to speak out, my last year was, like Carrie on Homeland (terrifying), yet it wasn’t a script. IT WAS MY LIFE. He and his flying monkeys did not want the TRUTH told. I can’t say much more than that (on my blog) as I have been “gagged” in Riverside County, Ca. My first amendment right was violated as well as forbidden prior restraint issued without due process. In fact, I WAS DENIED A LAWYER. I am speaking out to raise awareness as to the tactics of domestic abuse and because I have a right. (Don’t I? Is this the BE BEST of the United States of America?). My ex abusive husband is a domestic abuse mastermind. I want to “BE BEST”. I want domestic abuse to STOP. Domestic abuse victims are defenseless in a court when they can not afford an attorney because the abuser controls the finances. I have been beaten to a pulp because I have been unable to hire an attorney for twenty years. And this is even worse, I have a judgement that my ex abusive husband has not fulfilled. Domestic abuse survivors, like me, and victims should not be forced to collect their own money from these MONSTERS. This is EXACTLY what an abusive man wants. In my case he would only give me MY MONEY in return for sex. Thirteen years later he still holds it. Luckily, I am a survivor and have not lost my life like millions of wives, girlfriends,daughters and sisters, just trying to collect their OWN MONEY for a fresh start and a peaceful, away from abuse life. I have felt for a long time that the domestic abuse issues in this country are far from BE BEST. But I came across this article that made me positively sick to my stomach.
~ What are the world’s most dangerous places to be female? The United States made the Top Ten. This is NOT our BE BEST.
1. India
India was ranked as the world’s most dangerous country for women. It comes five years after public outcry following the rape and murder of a student on a bus in Delhi, which made violence against women a national priority.
2. Afghanistan
While Afghanistan ranked seventh-worst in the world for sexual violence, the survey found that Afghanistan had the world’s worst healthcare for women. The country also ranked worst in the world for non-sexual violence.
3. Syria
The country now in its seventh year of civil war, ranked as the joint third-worst country in the world for sexual violence, along with the USA That violence includes rape as a weapon of war.
4. Somalia
While Somalia came in 10th for sexual violence, it ranked highly and third worst for forms of retribution as cultural traditions. That includes stoning, child marriage and acid attacks as a form of punishment.
5. Saudi Arabia
While sexual violence against women in Saudi Arabia was low, discrimination was second highest in the world.
6. Pakistan
Seven years ago Pakistan made the top five in the survey. Despite doing slightly better this year, it fared fourth worst in the world for discrimination and cultural traditions, which includes women’s inability to make a livelihood and physical abuse or malnutrition as a form of punishment.
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
The Central African nation came in second behind India for the world’s most dangerous country for sexual violence. It includes rape as a weapon of war, lack of access to justice in rape cases and coercion into sex as a form of corruption.
8. Yemen
Yemen ranked fourth worst in the world for non-sexual violence and fourth worst for healthcare available to women.
9. Nigeria
The African nation is the fourth worst country for human trafficking, behind India, Libya, and Myanmar. It included domestic servitude, forced labour, and sexual slavery. It also ranked as the 10th worst country in the world for sexual violence.
10. USA
A surprise addition to the list was the United States. The US placed joint third with Syria as the country with the world’s worst record for sexual violence.The US also came sixth, behind Pakistan, for non-sexual violence that includes domestic, physical, and mental abuse.

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